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The Facebook messaging app has been announcing many new features in all facets of the application in recent months. We are not just talking about the interface, its design or new functions to send or receive messages with greater privacy. Since now we have known that one of the most anticipated functions finally reaches the app, which had already advanced that it would arrive at some point, and today it finally announces it definitively. We talked about the solution to a problem that the messaging app had always been blamed for, the vulnerability of backup copies of chats in iCloud and Google Drive.

At last there are encrypted backups

WhatsApp is the leading global messaging service to offer * both * end-to-end encrypted messaging and backups on iCloud or Google Drive.

So you can make sure that besties voice messages and mums secret recipe will be safely stored in a place only you can access.

WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) September 10, 2021

It has been through the WhatsApp account on Twitter that we have finally learned that the backup copies of the chats in the main cloud services they will be end-to-end encrypted. In this announcement, it has been advanced that this function will reach all users, which will finally close one of the largest known vulnerabilities in the messaging app. And it is that the problems regarding the backup of the chats in the cloud are long, so it is a long-awaited solution.

The problem so far has been that while the chats on our phone are protected by end-to-end encryption, which prevents anyone from reading the messages, even if they intercept the data (it can only be done with a password saved on our mobile) in the case of backup copies of chats in Google Drive and iCloud you were not encrypted, and are stored as plain text. This means that if such damage falls into the hands of others by an attack of any kind, they will be able to read all our messages without any problem, since it is not necessary to decrypt them with a password.

Therefore, what WhatsApp has now announced that this functionality comes imminently to all chats saved in the cloud. WhatsApp has wanted to get chest out and remember that doing this has been a challenge. From what the firm has revealed now, it seems that the work has been arduous, and they have had to redo from top to bottom all the code that takes our chats to the cloud of Google and Apple.

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WhatsApp launches encryption in iCloud and Google Drive backups - InTallaght

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