Experts write to government on cyber fixes – Economic Times

BENGALURU: Technology policy think tanks and digital freedom advocates have written to the National Security Council Secretariat urging stronger encryption requirements, improved breach disclosure norms and use of open-source software while encouraging free flow of data across borders, as part of suggestions to strengthen cyber security in India.

Last year, the government said it planned to release a new Cybersecurity Strategy to keep up with the changing nature of technologies, platforms and threats. It asked for inputs by January 10 this year, seeking to tackle challenges including data privacy, law enforcement in evolving cyberspace, access to data stored overseas, misuse of social media platforms, international cooperation on cybercrime and cyber terrorism.

Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) said the policy should promote encryption, protect de-centralised internet, encourage robust data breach reporting mechanisms, prohibit the use of malware and reward the community of security researchers. Centre of Internet and Society (CIS) said the government must strengthen legal and technical security standards and allow for cross-border sharing of data by focusing on a solution to the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty process.

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Experts write to government on cyber fixes - Economic Times

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