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Some people may say it is overkill but I always switch and move my Bitcoin around. When I buy Bitcoin I usually do it in a lump sum. A littler more or less than $1000 is the usual amount I try to buy as regular as possible. I know I will eventually need it and over the years I am in the green with buying and holding. I am a cost average buyer and holder.

At any one time I always have a lot of wallets to split up my Bitcoin. When I get Bitcoin I always like to take the step to anonymize it. The first thing I do is send some money to an exchange. I always leave my money wherever I send it at least a day. After I move it I will send it to another wallet. What you want to send though is not the exact same amount. Time to start breaking it up. Then you get the Bitcoin exchanged to Monero. After that I send it to another Monero wallet to make sure the path is killed and nobody can track it anymore.

Being safe and moving the coin around isn't a bad thing. Moving it between a few bigger wallets like exchanges or casinos before eventually sending. You can stitch up the routes and do Monero after before or the middle. I like to use a different altcoin one in a while too. Just mix up the coins yourself by selling and exchanging them to different websites and wallets.

You should just remember and mark which wallet is which from the name. Always have a few end wallets for the larger amounts to store them but don't put it all together in the same one. It ends up with a lot of entry and exit wallets with burners in between for one or a few time use. There is no way possible to track and say it is still your coins after that.

You can say it is over kill and you lose some money in fees but for me you don't need to be some big time drug dealer to be paranoid. I am buying drugs and also avoiding taxes with my coin. Why should anyone know what I own. That is my business and nobody else's.

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