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Shield Lite

Security Suite provides protection against the latest threats 24/7, requiring no action on your part. Our software continually updates itself with new enhancements and upgrades delivered behind-the-scenes. Backed by renowned McAfee products, updates of any kind download faster. Our simple user interface is designed for ease of use.

Identity Theft Protection provides you with 24/7 credit monitoring and instant access to your credit report and credit score. It also provides you with SSN monitoring that alerts you when activities or changes take place using your Social Security Number. Our Identity Theft Protection also includes CyberGuard, which monitors known criminal websites for illegal trading of personal information. Other features include: change of address monitoring, non-credit loans monitoring, restoration services, and one million dollar insurance.

Online Data Backup keeps a copy of all of your most important files so you never lose them. It also allows you to share files with your family and friends and access and organize your files from anywhere.

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Security Packages | High-Speed Internet | Windstream

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