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The numbers are staggering. More than 4.4 billion people now use the Internet.

Collectively, we:

Watch this BBC click video to learn more about our Internet history and how it all got started.

There is no doubt that the Internet has revolutionized life in America over the past 5 decades. Forbes Magazine, and many others say the Internet is the greatest invention since the printing press, but quickly point out that we are really talking about the world-wide web (www). When this all started in 1969, no one could possibly have imagined the technological changes that would occur by 2019.

The Internet 2069

So where is this technological journey heading in the long run? Where will our innovation take us in the next fifty years?

Next month, I will be taking a detailed look at the cyber outlook for the next decade, as seen by the top tech and security companies around the world. My annual blog on cybersecurity predictions, similar to this list of top security predictions for 2019, will cover a wider span and look beyond just the year 2020.

Nevertheless, I am writing this blog to highlight the incredible work by Pew Research and Elon University which looks in detail at what will happen in another 50 years of digital life as seen by many of the top global experts from various academic disciplines.

Before I begin, I want to strongly urge readers to take the time to read the full Pew Research report. The excerpts and opinions which I offer as a summary (Read more...)

The rest is here:
The Internet: Looking Back and Forward 50 Years - Security Boulevard

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