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By now were all familiar with what social distancing means as it relates to stopping or slowing down the spread of the coronavirus. Following what have rapidly become best practices along with government the mandates many companies are practicing social distancing by encouraging or requiring employees to work from home.

While thats a sensible approach on many levels, it does present potential cybersecurity problems, as workers move from trusted and secured office networks to remote locations, taking advantage of at-home internet connectivity and power sources, but often falling short when it comes to security coverage. Its a move that extends corporate networks in ways that make them more difficult to secure, providing cyber criminals with an almost irresistible opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

In fact, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning that criminals are looking to exploit the spread of coronavirus to conduct cyber attacks and hacking campaigns. NCSC experts have seen multiple scams and cyber threats that look to take advantage of COVID-19 for their own malicious ends.

Cyber-criminals are already using "Coronavirus" and COVID-19 as subject lines for phishing scams, hoping to fool unsuspecting workers into clicking on a link or opening an attachment that results in the installation of malware or unwittingly handing over usernames and passwords.

With that in mind, here are six best practices that can help raise awareness of potential phishing techniques and other scams, and help keep your systems and data safe while you and your employees work from home:

At a time when we all have so much on our minds, following these recommendations can help keep you and your companys data safe from cyber-attacks as you keep yourself and your loved ones safe while working outside of the office. At a time of great distraction like this, individuals are more likely to slip up and be a victim of phishing.

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Top Ways to Guard Against Work-from-Home Phishing Threats - Infosecurity Magazine

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