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For users who do not have certain knowledge and skills to work with a firewall and its settings, has been implemented the automatic operative mode. In this mode, for applications that require for their work access to the network, automatically created rules that allow only outgoing traffic. This allows to optimally configure the security of the system, without any action from the user.

In that case, if the user knows how to create firewall rules correctly, the product has an interactive mode. In this mode, user has 4 options: Block all - completely blocks incoming and outgoing traffic for all applications; Allow all - allows all incoming and outgoing traffic; Allow only outgoing - allows the application to have only outgoing traffic; Create a separate rule - allows to fully customize individual access parameters: - to enable or disable a specific address (single address, range of addresses, the IP-addresses mask); - to open or close specific ports (or to apply the rule to all ports for the application, to select the direction of traffic for these settings, to specify the protocol).

The firewall keeps track of all applications that attempt to access the network - both incoming and outgoing traffic;

By default, the firewall allows applications only outgoing traffic. This allows to protect the system from attempts to access to it from the outside, since any incoming requests will be blocked.

The program has a built-in database containing all the necessary rules to allow or to block (defined by the user) standard system services and protocols (NetBios, DHCP, DNS etc.) for work with the network. With their help, user can allow or block network activity on such protocols, leaving aside the intricacies of their work.

Zillya! Internet Security is able to set general settings for all applications. For example, the user requires that all applications had access to a particular server. To do this, in the settings must be a rule that will allow access to a specific IP-address and to a specific port. And no longer will be necessary to create separate rules for access to this server for each application."

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