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Classical computers have served us well and they will continue to do so but breakthroughs in quantum physics are opening up new doors. Thats why Im sharing my favorite quantum computing stocks today.

Its still in the early stages and could take a while to pay off. But the list of companies below gives you some great investing opportunities. Youll find big companies shaking up the technology world. Theyre not resting on their laurels.

Ill highlight some research from each company and what excites me most. But first, itd be good to get a better understanding of this up-and-coming technology. The potential is huge

Moores Law states that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles about every two years. This exponential trend has led to massive advancements in our world. In fact, its impacted every industry and all of our lives.

To help put Moores Law in perspective, a new iPhone is millions of times faster than the Apollo spacecraft when it comes to computing. Computers have become exponentially faster. This trend might be coming to an end, though

Gordon Moore and other forecasters expect that Moores law will end around 2025. Its the result of an intricate set of physics problems. And quantum computing might be the next big step forward.

Many technology companies see the potential and are investing lots of money. If their research pays off, the top quantum computing stocks could hand shareholders huge returns.

These new computers have the ability to store more information thanks to whats called superposition. Unlike traditional computers that use bits with only ones and zeros, quantum computers take it to the next level. They have the advantage of using ones, zeros and superpositions of ones and zeros. This opens up the door for solving tasks that have long been thought impossible for classical computers.

This list of quantum computing companies includes some of the largest companies in the world. They have proven business models and the resources to push quantum computing forward.

As a result, this list provides some cashflow safety for investors, while providing exposure to new technologies. So lets take a look at some of their top quantum research and projects

IBM was one of the first big movers in quantum research. And already, its deployed 28 quantum computers. Thats the largest fleet of commercial devices, and IBM has a road map to scale systems to 1,000 qubits and beyond.

The IBM Quantum Network is currently working with more than 100 partners. These partners are in many different industries and are developing real-world commercial applications. IBM also offers free access to quantum computing.

IBM is scaling these technologies and making them more accessible. This is vital for further adoption and innovation. The strategy is working, and IBM will continue to be one of the top quantum computing stocks over the coming decades.

Alphabet is one of the top quantum computing stocks to buy. Back in 2019, the company claimed quantum supremacy for the first time when its advanced computer surpassed the performance of conventional devices.

Alphabets Sycamore quantum processor performed a specific task in 200 seconds that would take the worlds best supercomputer 10,000 years. Thats a huge milestone, and the company is continuing to advance with quantum physics.

Google AI Quantum is making big strides as well. Its developing new quantum processors and algorithms to help solve a wide range of problems. Its also open sourcing some of its framework to spur innovation.

Intel is a semiconductor giant thats developing many cutting-edge technologies. And its been making quantum processors in Oregon. Furthermore, the company hopes to reach production-level quantum computing within 10 years.

Intel is on its third generation of quantum processors with 49 qubits. The company has a unique approach, advancing a technology known as spin qubits in silicon. Intel believes it has a scaling advantage over superconducting qubits.

This easily makes Intel one of the top quantum computing stocks. Buying into this company gives investors exposure to many cutting-edge technologies.

Similar to IBM, Microsoft takes a comprehensive approach to quantum computing. Its working on all the technologies required to scale commercial application.

Microsoft is advancing all layers of its computing stack. This includes the controls, software and development tools. Microsoft also created the Azure Quantum open cloud ecosystem. This helps speed up innovation.

In addition, the tech giant is making great advancements with Topological qubits. These provide performance gains over conventional qubits. They increase stability and reduce the overall amount of qubits needed. Its promising technology that should reward shareholders down the road.

Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab is helping businesses identify opportunities. Amazons experts are working with clients to better understand quantum computing. This helps them build new algorithms and solutions.

Amazon now offers quantum computing on Amazon Web Services through Amazon Bracket. This service provides access to D-Wave hardware. D-Wave is a leading quantum computing company based in Canada. Its not publicly traded, though

Overall, Amazon is continuing to disrupt many industries. And advancing quantum computing should help drive its innovation even further.

This quantum stock is the smallest on the list. It gives direct exposure to quantum computing. This makes it a higher-risk opportunity, however. Its risk-to-reward setup looks good for long-term investors, though.

Quantum Computing offers cloud-based, ready-to-run software. Its focused on creating services that dont require quantum expertise or training to use. This approach is opening the doors for more businesses to leverage the new technologies.

This company is also focusing on real-world problems such as logistics optimization, cybersecurity and drug discovery. To accomplish this, its partnering with hardware companies such as D-Wave.

The quantum computing companies above are mostly indirect plays. Their other established businesses provide the capital required to innovate. This is vital, as quantum computing is still an up-and-coming industry.

It might take a decade or more to really play out. And investing early in these technologies can lead to large returns for patient investors. Quantum breakthroughs are compounding and creating new opportunities.

Whether you buy into these top quantum computing stocks or not, well all benefit from the innovation. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of tech investing, consider signing up for Profit Trends. Its a free e-letter thats packed with useful research and tech investing opportunities. Also, here are some othertech IPOs that you might want to consider.

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