Element Sixs DNV-B1 Announced Winner for the Quantum Category at the 13th Edition of the SPIE Prism Awards – AZoM

First general-purpose quantum grade diamond enables users to unlock next generation quantum technologies.

Element Six (E6), part of the De Beers Group, has been named as a Prism Awards winner in the quantum category for its chemical vapour deposition (CVD) quantum grade diamond, DNV-B1, part of the DNV Series.

The prestigious award, which is judged by a panel of industry experts and is part of the SPIE Photonics West yearly event programme, recognises leading industrial innovations that make a difference, solve problems, and improve life through optics and photonics across a range of different areas. Element Sixs DNV-B1was announced as the quantum category winner, ahead of fellow finalists Qnami, with their ProteusQ, and AUREA Technology, with their Quantum Entangled Photon Source.

Launched in 2020, DNV-B1is Element Sixs first general-purpose CVD quantum grade diamond available on the market. Building on the companys extensive experience, international network and a unique, patented process to develop bespoke CVD diamond solutions, DNV-B1 is an ideal starting material for those interested in researching nitrogen-vacancy (NV) ensembles for quantum demonstrations, masers, detection of RF radiation, gyroscopes and magnetic sensing.

Diamond NV (DNV) centres offer researchers a unique solid-state platform with spin qubits that can be initialised and read out at room temperature, with long qubit lifetimes. Developed to provide a baseline solution that contains a uniform density of NV spin centres, Element Sixs DNV-B1 was specifically designed for emerging diamond applications that require ensembles of NV centres, guaranteeing a minimum level of performance.

ProteusQ, Qnamis quantum microscope containing Element Sixs diamond was also a finalist in the quantum category. ProteusQ is the first desktop-scale diamond-enabled NV scanning microscope, made possible with bespoke quantum grade CVD diamond developed and engineered by Element Six. The microscope uses scanning NV magnetometry to enable table-top analysis of magnetic materials at the atomic scale, offering an unprecedented, miniaturised solution to processes that had previously relied on large-scale light sources.

Matthew Markham, Principal Scientist at Element Six, said: It really is a honour to receive such a prestigious award and we are grateful to SPIE and its panel of experts for this recognition. We have been developing diamond-enabled quantum solutions for many years and it is rewarding to witness the transition from academic-led research to commercially-available solutions in a number of industrial applications.We are really proud of the DNV-B1 and the technology it enables, from fundamental quantum physics to magnetic sensors.


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Element Sixs DNV-B1 Announced Winner for the Quantum Category at the 13th Edition of the SPIE Prism Awards - AZoM

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