Inery Blockchain to Implement AI, Mainnet Rescheduled for Q2 2023 – EIN News

Inery proud to announce an upgrade to its blockchain before the mainnet release

The mainnet release was originally scheduled for Q1 2023. However, the companys blockchain is undergoing a revamp to implement the AI module effectively. As such, the launch has been delayed to provide enough time to integrate and test the solution.

About Inerys AI Consensus Inerys AI-based consensus mechanism will optimize the compliance and order of blocks produced on the Inery blockchain, thus maintaining the networks integrity. The protocol will track uptime, computational power, stake, and other performance metrics of the blockchains nodes. Based on that information, it will organize block validation in the most efficient order.

Making sure that our blockchain mainnet works flawlessly, utilizing the best solutions, providing a powerful infrastructure for Web3 - thats our number one priority. I fully expect this newest upgrade to have a significant and positive impact on Inerys blockchain use, while at the same time, showcasing an elegant use for AI in blockchain. said Ivan Vujic, CTO of Inery.

This AI solution will also monitor broader network specs, such as the number of on-chain transactions per second and energy consumption. All the data it collects is stored on smart contracts. These contracts comprise a database of records which the AI will analyze for improved decision-making.

About Inery Inery is an innovative provider in database management seeking to provide decentralized solutions to a traditionally centralized landscape. Thanks to its layer-1 blockchain foundation, IneryDBMS offers superior security, greater control over data sharing, and high performance capabilities.

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Inery Blockchain to Implement AI, Mainnet Rescheduled for Q2 2023 - EIN News

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