Ann Coulter Tells Vivek Ramaswamy She Wouldn’t Vote for Him ‘Because You’re an Indian,’ Straight to His Face | Video – Yahoo News UK

Ann Coulter told Vivek Ramaswamy that she wouldnt have voted for him to be president because of his ethnic background as a child of Indian immigrants.

Oh, and I agreed with many, many things you said, during [your monologue] in fact, probably more than most other candidates when youre running for president, but I still would not have voted for you, because youre an Indian. Well get back to that, Coulter said after listening to Ramaswamys opening remarks about nationalism.

Ramaswamy, who was born in the United States, invited the conservative media commentator onto his podcast series The Truth Podcast, where the two were set to discuss the concept of nationalism, its tiers, the history of the idea and how immigrants fit into the movement as it relates to their ethnicity.

Before digging in with her comments, she complimented his introduction to the episode, which was titled Ann Coulter on the N Word: Nationalism.

That was a fantastic opening monologue. I, too, am a fan of yours, though Im going to make a point of disagreeing with you so that it will be fun. You are so bright and articulate, and I guess I can call you articulate since youre not an American Black, Coulter said as Ramaswamy chuckled. Cant say that about them. Thats derogatory. That was a great opening segment, lots of things to talk about there.

The two did eventually make their way back to Coulter saying she wouldnt have voted for Ramaswamy. While he said he feels citizenship should be based around someones loyalty to the nation theyre part of or the nation they wish to be part of, Coulter explained what she believes in takes to be an American citizen.

The core around which the nations values were formed, is the WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). Weve never had a president, who didnt have at least partial English ancestry, she uttered.

On that axis of citizenship, what does ethnicity have to do with the matter? I think youd be well-served, and maybe this could be a great platform for you to do it, to make the case for why that what you put it WASP-basis for the American identity, Ramaswamy replied.

Anyone can adopt this. President is different. You have to be national-born, as you know. Im only talking about president of the United States, Coulter continued, saying she believes the presidency should only be given to someone who is a natural-born-citizen and that lots of our very best immigrants do not understand the Second Amendment or the First Amendment.

It was so important that you had this deep, generation-wide loyalty, Coulter said. Its noticeable that large percentages of immigrants, and children of immigrants, really dont get that. And I think that is the point of having natural-born-citizens only for president.

Ramaswamy launched his run for presidency on Feb. 21, 2023, as a candidate in the 2024 Republican primary. The 38-year-old dropped out on Jan. 15 and later fully endorsed Donald Trump.

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