BTC white paper hidden on macOS, Binance loses AUS license and … –

white paper is apparently hiding in Apples modern macOS

Satoshi Nakamotos original white paper laying out the thesis for the Bitcoin network is seemingly hiding within every modern version of the operating system for Apples Mac computers. An April 5 blog post from technologist Andy Baio revealed that a PDF of the Bitcoin white paper has apparently shipped with every copy of macOS since Mojave in 2018. Baio told Cointelegraph he was trying to fix his printer and scan a document when Nakamotos white paper first appeared. He created a prompt in Terminal that enables others to easily access the white paper.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has canceled the license of Binance Australia Derivatives after a targeted review of its operations in the country. The companys clients will not be able to increase derivatives positions or open new positions with the platform from April 14, and existing derivatives positions must be closed before April 21. The Australian securities regulator also revealed that it has been conducting a targeted review of Binances financial services business in Australia, including its classification of retail and wholesale clients. Spot trading on Binance is still available for Australian residents.


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BTC white paper hidden on macOS, Binance loses AUS license and ... -

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