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The prominent crypto exchanges including Binance, OKX, Bybit, and Poloniex have announced listing the crypto token SUI on their platforms. The crypto exchanges declared their decision of listing the token on the 3rd of May. OKX declared that the company will begin SUI tokens spot trading. The token pair that the platform specified for trading is SUI/USDT.

While announcing the listing, OKX stated that the cumulative supply of the SUI token on the crypto exchange is to be nearly 10,000,000,000. Nonetheless, the company also added that the circulating supply of the token will be up to 528,273,717 tokens. As per the platform, the initial phase takes into account unlocking SUI tokens from General Sales.

In addition to this, Poloniex Exchange announced that it will also start receiving deposits and trading the SUI token on the same date. The token pair selected by Poloniex is also SUI/USDT. Apart from that, another well-known crypto exchange company Bybit also declared to launch the token by listing it on its platform. The listing of the token pair SUI/USDT is to be witnessed soon on Bybit.

Nevertheless, Bybit clarified that the consumers require accepting the Terms & Conditions mentioned on the trading page dealing with SUI tokens. This can be done on the crypto exchanges trading page for the SUI token on its official web portal or by installing the Bybit Apps latest version. Along with this, the top crypto exchange named Binance has also declared to list the respective crypto token.

However, Binance has remained effective in offering diversity in terms of trading options. The crypto exchange has provided several token pairs including SUI/TRY SUI/EUR, SUI/BNB, SUI/TUSD, SUI/USDT, and SUI/BTC. The provision of such a huge variety of trading options in terms of trading pairs will be assistive in increasing the accessibility and adoption of the SUI token via the crypto exchange Binance.

The crypto exchange moved on to clarify that the consumers will not need to recompense any maker fees in the case of the trading pair SUI/TUSD until further notice. As per the crypto platform, TRY and EUR are the traditional currencies hence do not denote any other cryptocurrencies. The listing of the crypto token on these top platforms will boost its popularity in the coming time.

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SUI Network and Token to Be Listed on Binance, OKX, and Bybit ... - Blockchain Reporter

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