Launches Cloud Hosting Service 4GH Web Hosting – Video

07-05-2012 12:20 has just launched a cloud-based hosting, 4th Generation (4GH) Web Hosting, offering better scalability, security, performance and value to customers. 4GH cloud-based hosting allows things to be handled differently... The dynamic duo for traffic management — Cisco® load balancing and auto-adjusting bandwidth — keeps the site running smoothly, regardless of traffic spikes. * Load Balancing delivers traffic to the servers with the most available resources, so the customer's site isn't tied to the limited performance of a single server. * Unlimited, Auto-Adjusting Bandwidth eliminates the overage fees .The bandwidth automatically increases as customer's need it, so the customer's site can handle anything that comes its way. Security -- Every site is protected by expert, round-the-clock security. team monitors the Internet 24/7, blocking malicious attacks BEFORE they get to your website. More information visit

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