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The main factor driving the transition of traditional manufacturing towards cloud-based manufacturing is data visualization.

The manufacturing industry is modernizing its operations using technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and virtualization. This requires extensive changes to production hardware and software which is not feasible for all manufacturers. Moreover, apart from the cost, the domain expertise required to integrate manufacturing 4.0 technologies acts as a barrier for manufacturers. The main factor driving the transition towards cloud-based manufacturing is data visualization. This article lists the top cloud monitoring tools for manufacturers in 2021.

BMC helps in boosting multi-cloud operations performance and cost management. It helps measure end-user experience, monitor infrastructure resources, and detect problems proactively. It gives manufacturers the chance to develop an all-around cloud operations management solution. With BMC, you can plan, run, and optimize multiple cloud platforms, including Azure and AWS, among others. BMC also enables you to track and manage cloud costs, eliminate waste by optimizing resource usage, and deploy the right resources at the right price. You can also use it to break down cloud costs and align cloud expenses with business needs.

Sematext Cloud is a unified performance monitoring and logging solution available in the cloud and on-premises. It provides full-stack visibility through a single pane of glass by bringing together application and infrastructure monitoring, log management, tracing, real user, and synthetic monitoring. Sematext enables users to easily diagnose and solve performance issues and spot trends and patterns to deliver a better user experience.

New Relic aims at intelligently managing complex and ever-changing cloud applications and infrastructure. It can help you know precisely how your cloud applications and cloud servers are running in real-time. It can also give you useful insights into your stack, let you isolate and resolve issues quickly, and allow you to scale your operations with usage. The systems algorithm takes into account many processes and optimization factors for all apps, whether mobile, web, or server-based. New Relic places all your data in one network monitoring dashboard so that you can get a clear picture of every part of your cloud. Some of the influential companies using New Relic include GitHub, Comcast, and EA.

Indian startupElitia Tech provides a cloud-based manufacturing execution system. Their MES model is subscription-based, using infrastructure hosted and managed on the cloud, thereby eliminating on-premise hardware and consequent capital expenditure (CAPEX). The solution allows for fast implementation in small and large-scale deployments as well as real-time scalability. The MES solution helps owners and operators to reduce waste, inventory levels, and cycle times while protecting critical data to improve efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

As the name suggests, Site 247 is a cloud monitoring tool that offers round-the-clock services for monitoring cloud infrastructure. It provides a unified platform for monitoring hybrid cloud infrastructure and complex IT setups through an interactive dashboard. The monitoring tool integrates the use of IT automation for real-time troubleshooting and reporting. Site 247 monitors usage and performance metrics for virtual machine workloads.

Auvik is a cloud-based network monitoring and management software that will give you true visibility and control. It offers the functionalities for automating network visibility & IT asset management. The solution simplifies the network performance monitoring and troubleshooting. It will also let you automate configuration backup and recovery.

The main factor driving the transition towards cloud-based manufacturing is data visualization. Italian start-upiProd creates an IoT tablet that connects to any machine and provides insights into its status. The iProd manufacturing optimization platform (MOP) collects, manages, and optimizes four operational areas for manufacturers. These include production technology, production planning, and monitoring, preventive and extraordinary maintenance, and management of materials and tools. Additionally, iProd allows operators and managers to monitor production and control efficiency by using reporting, advanced tags, social collaboration, and smart widgets.

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Check Out the Top Cloud-Based Manufacturing Tools for 2021 - Analytics Insight

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