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Edge Computing Will Deliver Insights Faster for Agencies

The cloud, coupled withedge computing, will likely become much more prominent moving forward, especially as cities move ahead with smart city deployments and new infrastructure that has embedded or attached sensors.

Edge computing will be particularly important for public safety and surveillance use cases, allowing agencies to conduct more data analysis at the network edge, on IP-connected cameras, without having to send that information back to central servers. That will deliver faster and more actionable insights for first responders, traffic managers and other government employees who monitor those feeds.

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Agencies will likely grow accustomed to more data residing in the cloud. But it wont be an overnight change, as government agencies continue toface hurdles in migrating to the cloud.

However, I think IT leaders will start to realize the power of the technology they already have deployed in the field, from cameras to sensors and other connected devices. They will soon understand that those devices have a lot more intelligence than they previously thought.

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Another trend likely to take root in 2022 is governments evolving interactions with the citizens they serve.

The challenges governments have faced withstaffing and retentionanddelivering vital servicesare not going away. IT leaders will need to lean into technology solutions to help solve those problems instead.

That will require continued investment in modern, digital government services and theinfrastructure to support them. Thankfully, IT leaders canturn to trusted partners like CDW to help them close the gapand deliver the agile, mobile-friendly services that citizens need and have come to rely on.

State and local agencies will face no shortage of hurdles in 2022, but with the right technology and leadership that leans into innovative solutions those challenges can be overcome.

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Cloud and Edge Computing Will Be Key for Government Agencies in 2022 - StateTech Magazine

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