Cloud vs. In-House Servers: What is the Best Choice …

Choosing how to run your data center is like choosing between buying and leasing a car: each has specific advantages and risks. What works for you today, might not suit your needs tomorrow, and each comes with a different cost structure. Security, control, and cost all factor into this major decision, however, its not always easy to compare your options.

Lets look at some factors that will help you decide whether go with a cloud service provider or in-house server options. Like many topics in technology, this one is constantly changing as new products and services become available.

Cloud service providers offer a wide array of products and services to meet the needs businesses of all sizes. They make it easy to get started and each touts their stability, scalability, and security for your business. One of the biggest advantages of going with a cloud service is the flexibility to meet your changing demands without a big investment in hardware. The cloud works well for businesses whose needs for computing and storage are constantly changing.

Hosting your own servers in-house might sound like an old-fashioned way to run your data center, but it is still a viable option for many businesses. If you demand absolute control over your data, this is the way to go. Just understand that going this route demands a larger initial investment in hardware and IT expertise.

Whether you go with a solution with a cloud provider or build out your own in-house data center, there are a lot of variables to consider. One trend thats taking place today is the deployment of hybrid servers that provide benefits found in both in-house and cloud services.

For example, a hybrid cloud can determine which computing tasks to process locally and which ones to send to the cloud. Modern hybrid cloud devices know what data to maintain locally and what to back up the cloud. In many instances, the hybrid cloud delivers the best of both worlds.

The use of hybrid cloud is becoming more popular. Markets & Markets predicts the hybrid cloud market will be worth nearly $100 billion by 2023. Thats massive growth from the current $45 billion we should see in 2018.

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Cloud vs. In-House Servers: What is the Best Choice ...

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