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Webcast Like children flying the family nest, applications and services are leaving the on-premises corporate environment and theyre not even coming back so you can do their washing.

One of the core features of the ever-topical digital transformation trend is business infrastructure thats less about centralized servers and data centres, and more about endpoints typically managed remotely via a cloud provider.

It can be tricky to secure all these distributed systems and services. If your developers are working within a growing number of complex coding, testing, and operations environments, for instance, theres a lot of moving parts to track and protect.

Its, therefore, a valid course of action to focus on your people, and give them the freedom to do their work while making sure they have the tools and support to stay secure and safeguard your business.

On May 6, 2020, a Register-hosted webcast will turn its lens on exactly this issue.

Our Tim Phillips will be joined by Guy Podjarny of secure development experts Snyk to dig down into how and why traditional security methods dont tend to wash with modern cloud-based developer environments, and how dev-first security approaches can prove a surprisingly painless alternative.

From describing how to equip and educate programmers to manage and reduce risk, yet remain on the ball with day-to-day work, to the behavioural and process shift required of your average working human to maintain a more security-savvy way of working, it will be a valuable conversation for anyone whos worried coders may fall behind the curve as an organisation leaps into the cloud.

Sign up for the webcast, brought to you by Snyk, right here.

In the cloud, who can hear your developers scream? - The Register

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