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With many of the worlds organizations shifting to a fully remote work model, IT administrators need to completely reimagine their environments to maintain control and security. Cloud-forward admins like Richard Hickson are especially prepared to make the switch, using their backgrounds in cloud identity and access management (IAM) solutions to configure and control remote shops with little friction.

Hickson leverages a collection of remote commands and custom scripts to manage users machines and install applications, and were excited to have him join us for a live webinar to share his remote management toolkit with fellow admins. If your organization struggles to adapt to a fully remote model, join Hickson in this free webinar on Thursday May 21 at 11am ET.

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Hickson is a UK-based IT consultant and expert, with 15+ years of experience serving a multitude of different sectors including construction, education, advertising, finance, entertainment, and real estate.

He currently offers IT consulting and website SEO services from his hometown in Kent, UK. Hickson is proficient in macOS + Server, Microsoft Windows + Server, G Suite, VMware ESX, Ubuntu Server and Office 365 administration.

Among his many services as an IT consultant, Hickson specializes in shifting clients to cloud infrastructure, using his wizardry with commands and custom scripting to provide remote automation and management to organizations.

In this live digital event, Hickson will share some of the remote command and scripting skills hes developed to guide attendees through the twists and turns of remote device and application management.

Specifically, Hickson will cover:

After the presentation, Hickson will field questions from the audience for the remainder of the event.

Learn more about what youll take away from the webinar here:

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Live Webinar Preview: Commands & Custom Scripting for Remote Application Installs - Security Boulevard

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