Oracle Exadata Cloud lands on bare-metal servers – Computer Business Review

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Big Red promises complete compatibility to ensure a smooth move to the cloud.

Oracle has made its Exadata Cloud available on its next-generation bare-metal compute and storage services

The announcement means that customers will be able to self-provision multiple bare-metal servers, which the company says are each able to support over four million IOPS, block storage that linearly scales by 60 IOPS per GB, and run on the same low latency Virtual Cloud Networks.

The Oracle Exadata offering, which is an on-premises and public cloud database platform, has the company singing its praises, with Big Red saying: These integrated and fully programmable cloud services enhance all stages of application development and deployment through faster connectivity, provisioning, processing, and database access with unmatched technology and industry-leading price performance.

Big Red points to the benefits of using the Exadata Cloud for things like high-demand applications, such as those using real-time targeting, analytics, and so on, as perfect use cases for using the technology.

Oracles next-generation cloud infrastructure is optimized for enterprise workloads and now supports Oracle Exadata, the most powerful database platform, said Kash

Iftikhar, vice president of product management, Oracle.

With the power of Oracle Exadata, customers using our infrastructure are able to bring applications to the cloud never previously possible, without the cost of re-architecture, and achieve incredible performance throughout the stack. From front-end application servers to database and storage, we are optimizing our customers most critical applications.

One of the big benefits to the product is that it offers complete compatibility with Oracle Databases that are deployed on-premises. Given that Oracle is keen to move its customers to the cloud a compatible on-premises to cloud offering should mean that a migration will go smoothly.

With Oracle OpenWorld just around the corner, Big Red is likely to continue with its aggressive shift towards a more cloud dominated portfolio, and with technologies thatll make a cloud migration easier.

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Oracle Exadata Cloud lands on bare-metal servers - Computer Business Review

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