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If it were not for professional matters, I would probably never open Twitter. It is the social media to pick a fight almost by definition. That is perhaps also the case of Jayakrishna Balaji Simma. He identified there only as Balaji Simma and found another reason to be on Twitter: try to talk to Elon Musk. By now, he has probably regretted it already: when he decided to show a weird incident with his brand new Tesla Model 3, he was viciously attacked. Simma claims the right rear door glass shattered by itself with a video.

It can be seen above and also in his original tweet, right below. Pay careful attention to it at around 7 seconds.

It was all it took for Tesla supporters to viciously attack him as a FUDster. Some claim the video was badly edited. Others say no surveillance video records sound. There are even the ones that say the Twitter account is fake because it has very little activity. Simma reaches a point in which he has to defend himself.

We have tried to contact him through direct messaging on Twitter to learn more about his story. Perhaps get pictures of the shattered glass, of the door that lost that glass and anything else that could help us understand his claims. He did not get back to us so far.

We have then tried to reach him by other means. Who is Balaji Simma? We have searched his name on Google and found he is the Director of Software Development at BURL Concepts, a company for medical devices. Like the tweet shows, he lives in San Diego, California. In other words, he is real.

While he was trying to defend himself, other people showed similar issues with Tesla vehicles. This one was with a Model X.

In a Facebook group, Ameya Amritwar reported this with his Model 3:

This is how he described the issue:

Broke through the glass ceiling !!!! Glass ceiling just blew out while driving

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Owner Says Tesla Model 3 Window Shattered By Itself, Accused Of FUD - InsideEVs

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