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Innovative edge cloud platform withstate-of-the-art Stingray SmartNIC deliversunrivaled levels of server performance and security

DALLAS, March 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StackPath, the emerging leader in edge computing,today announced a joint collaboration with Broadcom Inc. (Broadcom) to provide advanced edge computing capabilities using Broadcoms Stingray SmartNIC to address the growing demand for cloud-based content-delivery services at the edge for streaming video, application performance optimization, andsecurity.

The proliferation of connected endpoints is rapidly increasing the need for highly available, low-latency and flexible edge computing resources.StackPath provides the leading platform for secure edge compute infrastructure including virtual machines (VMs), containers, and serverless, as well as managed edge services such as content delivery network (CDN), web application firewall (WAF), managed DNS, service monitoring, and DDoS protection.

Unlike centralized, traditional datacenters which are typically outside metropolitan geographies, StackPaths edge compute platform moves the functionality and processing power of the public cloud closer to where end users are. This gives developers and enterprises the building blocks, tools and proximity essential for cloud-centric workloads requiring ultra-low network latency and exceptional security. StackPath edge compute services can connect to end users up to 2.6x faster than competing cloud computing provided by public core cloud providers crucial to meet the high bandwidth and low latency demands of next generation applications such as online video gaming, real-time video and cloud-based security.

Compute located at the edge is essentially beach front property. Its always going to be finite and in high-demand, said Wen Temitim, StackPaths Chief Technology Officer. StackPath and Broadcom have developed an implementation that moves I/O network processing from the server to the Broadcom Stingray SmartNIC, providing us with optimum performance and latency within the real estate and power constraints of edge locations. The Stingray SmartNICs compact form factor, Truflow offload engine, advanced security co-processors and outstanding compute performance make it an ideal platform to deploy highly secure new services for our customers.

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The network edge provides significant opportunities for innovation, said Dan Harding, vice president of marketing for the Compute and Connectivity Division at Broadcom.The challenge is how to deliver this innovation in a scalable, reliable and cost-effective manner within a physical environment that substantially constrains the available compute resources. StackPath solved this by deploying a novel server architecture that uses our Stingray SmartNIC. This enables them to deliver their core services, such as web application firewall, CDN and object storage, to their customers, and provides them with a substantial architectural advantage versus their competitors in providing cloud computing at the edge.

About StackPathStackPath is the worlds first platform providing compute and services at the clouds edge. StackPath offers core computing resourcesincluding Virtual Machines, Containers, and Object Storageas well as managed edge servicesincluding Serverless Scripting, CDN, WAF, Managed DNS, and Service Monitoringwith 45 edge locations spanning the world, all connected by a secure private network backbone. StackPath is trusted by customers ranging from Fortune 50 enterprises to one-person startups that want to develop, distribute, protect, and accelerate their cloud workloads in ways not possible with central cloud services. To learn more visitstackpath.comand follow StackPath

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