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Tech companies are thriving in the global market to generate stable and profitable tech stocks

It is not an easy task for tech investors to select a suitable and profitable technology stocks from a global tech market. Advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and IoT are leading the innovations of highly useful tech products and solutions for the welfare of society. Lets check out the top five tech stocks for investors to buy and yield profit in the nearby future.

Analytics Insight provides a list of the top five tech stocks, according to Yahoo Finance.

Current price: US$86.14

Market cap: US$96.36 billion

Micron Technology is one of the top five tech stocks to buy today as it designs and manufactures memory and storage products worldwide. It is known for operating through four segments such as compute and networking business unit, mobile business unit, storage business unit, and embedded business unit. The memory products are dedicated to cloud servers, enterprises, clients, graphics, and networking markets.

Current price: US$82.37

Market cap: US$10.27 billion

Citrix Systems, Inc. is a popular tech stock to buy for being an enterprise software company that provides workspace, app delivery and security, as well as other professional services across the world. Investors buying this tech stock will receive full access to different products and services such as Citrix workspace, Citrix virtual apps, Citrix content collaboration, Citrix endpoint management, Citrix analytics for security, and many more.

Current price: US$95.11

Market cap: US$11.50 billion

Zendesk, Inc. is known as a software development company providing Software as a Service solutions for multiple organizations across the world. This tech company is popular for offering a wide range of products such as Zendesk support, Zendesk chat, Zendesk talk, Zendesk guide, Zendesk sell, Zendesk explore, Zendesk API, Zendesk apps, and Zendesk sunshine.

Current price: US$105.39

Market cap: US$64.17 billion

Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. offers multiple technology solutions for merchants, capital market firms, and banks. It has three segments to operate in known as merchant solutions, banking solutions, and capital market solutions. These segments include integrated payment, e-Commerce solutions, digital solutions, compliance solutions, and many more.

Current price: US$58.99

Market cap: US$18.38 billion

Western Digital Corporation is one of the top technology stocks that develops and data storage devices and solutions across the world. It is known for offering a wide range of client devices like HDDs and SSDs, flash-based embedded storage products for different devices, data center devices, and many more.

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Tech Investment Alert: Check Out Top Five Tech Stocks Today - Analytics Insight

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