Fundraising Script,Crowd Funding Script,Crowdfunding …

What is fundraising?

Fundraising has been typically associated with the non-profit organizations; it is an act of collecting money for various non-profit organizations that serve different purposes and help the society. However, today, it has a new definition. Fundraising is not only limited for social services or causes. Even for business purposes, fundraising can be a great idea for the improvement and betterment of new business plans and functions.

Why us?

Rockers Technologies has already created the solution for fundraising. Anyone intends to raise funds for any cause can buy this solution from us to see rocketing change in incoming funds. One can directly start own website with this solution. More than 2 years of experience in this segment and pool of experienced and skillful developers help us to bring changes in the fundraising script in case client needs some updates. We understand that each client has different objectives so we offer customized solution. You tell us your objectives, and we will come up with modified script that suits your requirements.

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Fundraising Script,Crowd Funding Script,Crowdfunding ...

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