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I am pretty enthusiastic about this brand and have been since I first tried it in 2011. Over the years Ive tried AVG, Norton, McCafee, and Trend Micro, but I keep coming back to this brand. Kaspersky clears viruses off of my computersviruses that Trend Micro didnt even alert me that I even had (in a computer less than 5 months old)! (I also strongly suspect that I downloaded a virus at the same time when I downloaded AVG, but I have no proof of this.) It catches and removes viruses that other programs miss. The first time I ever used a Kaspersky product, it managed to remove the viruswhich sped up my computer as a result of the virus removal.

A benefit of this software not being the most well-known program is that many spam/scam attempts are not targeted at Kaspersky users. Instead, theyre targeted at Norton or McAfee users.

As an average millennial, I find the program easy to work with. It is a bit tricky to turn off the protection so that I can use the exam-taking software required by my school, but a normal user shouldnt need to turn off antivirus programs.

Really the only downside is that I constantly have to double check my spelling of Kaspersky or refer to it with vague terms.

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