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IPad Onslaught Sends Taiwanese Laptop Makers to the Cloud: Tech

By Tim Culpan - Tue Apr 24 06:56:19 GMT 2012

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

An employee fills an order for the new iPad at an Apple store in San Francisco.

An employee fills an order for the new iPad at an Apple store in San Francisco. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin Dede, technology analyst at Auriga USA, talks about Apple Inc.'s shares and the outlook for tomorrow's fiscal second-quarter earnings report. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Sales of the iPad, cheaper and lighter than most laptops, have forced a slowdown in the $233 billion PC market.

Sales of the iPad, cheaper and lighter than most laptops, have forced a slowdown in the $233 billion PC market. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

The worlds two biggest laptop assemblers are seeking shelter in the cloud as Apple Inc. (AAPL)s iPad threatens the future of personal computers.

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IPad Onslaught Sends Taiwanese Laptop Makers to the Cloud: Tech

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R1Soft Unveils CloudCopy — Online Backup Software for Service Providers

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire -04/24/12)- R1Soft, a division of Idera and the developer of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup and recovery software for servers in the cloud, today announced CloudCopy, secure online backup software for Internet service providers (ISPs), enabling them to offer cloud backup services to homes and small businesses. CloudCopy enables providers to offer online backup services competitive with existing services from companies like Carbonite, Inc. and Mozy by Decho Corporation, a subsidiary of EMC Corporation.

The CloudCopy workstation client performs automated backups of desktop computers running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Linux operating systems. CloudCopy server client software for Microsoft Windows Servers provides small office servers with automated cloud backup including support for Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange.

"Why shouldn't a consumer have just as many choices for online cloud backup as they do for web hosting or domain name registration?" said David Wartell, Vice President of R1Soft Products at Idera. "Everyone in the business knows the barrier to entry in online backup is the software, and the existing providers like Carbonite, Mozy, Backblaze, and CrashPlan, all develop their own. CloudCopy will bring thousands of new service providers into the growing multi-billion dollar online backup market."

ISPs use their existing data centers and infrastructure and simply install the CloudCopy repository and management software on commodity Windows servers in their data centers. A fully-configured, white-labeled online backup service offering takes less than a day to set up. The CloudCopy management server software integrates with popular ISP billing software including: Parallels Business Automation Standard, Citrix EMS Cortex, Extend ASP, Ensim Unify, WHCMS, and Kaseya.

R1Soft will immediately make CloudCopy software available to its existing customer base of over 1,000 cloud, hosting, and ISPs that already use the R1Soft CDP software to back up the Windows and Linux servers in their data centers.

About R1Soft

R1Soft is a division of Idera and the developer of Continuous Data Protection (CDP), scalable and high-performance backup software for Windows and Linux servers in the cloud. Recognized as the leading commercial backup software in hosted services, R1Soft CDP is currently used by over 1,000 Cloud infrastructure providers and protects more than 200,000 servers worldwide.

Idera, R1Soft, CloudCopy and Continuous Data Protection are registered trademarks of Idera, Inc. in the United States and trademarks in other jurisdictions. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies.

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R1Soft Unveils CloudCopy -- Online Backup Software for Service Providers

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ScaleXtreme Offers Cost Control, Budgeting and Enforcement for Cloud Computing


ScaleXtreme, the leading provider of server and cloud management products, today released a new set of tools that enable IT professionals to gain visibility into cloud provider costs, establish role-based budgets and prevent the launch of unauthorized cloud machines. With this new functionality, ScaleXtreme is the only product on the market that ties together cost monitoring and budgeting to actual server launch control.

ScaleXtremes cloud management tools give IT professionals the power to set budgets based on user, role or organization and obtain granular usage information. Customers can set soft and hard budget limits to either warn systems administrators of over spend or actively prevent individual users from launching new machines. This additional control comes directly integrated into ScaleXtremes powerful cloud server management console, which customers use to build, deploy, monitor and patch public cloud instances.

With many enterprises adopting self-service launch capabilities for developers and other groups on the public cloud, like Rackspace and Amazon EC2, it is important that finance and other groups have a way of tracking and enforcing strict budget policies to control inadvertent cost and budget overruns. Given the ease with which new servers can be created in the public cloud, it is important to have products like ScaleXtreme to help create control and visibility into the process.

The new ScaleXtreme tools help make the cost of launching and maintaining new instances transparent so IT professionals can make good decisions about their needs. Customers can either use the default costs associated with their public cloud provider instances or set their own, custom per-instance parameters.

For the first time, customers can adopt public cloud computing without a nasty billing surprise waiting for them at the end of the month. ScaleXtreme gives customers clear guardrails to both see their spending and become comfortable budgeting for cloud computing, said Nand Mulchandani, co-founder and CEO of ScaleXtreme. Our products enable some groups within the company to self-serve their server needs from the public cloud while still staying within the budget boundaries that finance and management are comfortable with.

CFOs, CIOs and IT professionals at all levels can use these tools to adopt public cloud computing with confidence.

ScaleXtreme's new budget and cost visibility features should help organizations using Rackspace Cloud Servers efficiently manage spending as they grow, said John Engates, CTO of Rackspace. Our customers can benefit from seeing how specific departments, roles and individuals use Rackspace so they can make the proper allocations and chargebacks.

Pricing and Availability

Basic cost visibility for a single cloud provider comes free with ScaleXtreme Xpress. Additional features, including instance launch prevention, are available through ScaleXtremes paid offerings, Xpert and Xtreme. The cost visibility and budgeting features work natively with Rackspace and other cloud services built on VMWare VCloud Director, CloudStack and OpenStack. Support for Amazon EC2 is coming soon.

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ScaleXtreme Offers Cost Control, Budgeting and Enforcement for Cloud Computing

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Courion Leverages NaviSite's Enterprise Cloud to Deliver Identity and Access Management Software-as-a-Service

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwire -04/24/12)- NaviSite, Inc., a premier provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed application, managed messaging and managed cloud services, today announced that Courion Corporation, the leader in identity and access management for access risk, has selected NaviSite's NaviCloud platform to deliver its CourionLive identity and access management in the cloud via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

"Courion's SaaS version of its Access Risk Management Suite, CourionLive, helps organizations that don't have the resources or infrastructure to manage and administer security and access risk on their own," said Dave Fowler, chief operating officer at Courion. "To ensure its reliability and security, we needed to deliver CourionLive via a best-in-class cloud infrastructure with a global footprint, superior managed services and top notch security expertise. We have that in NaviSite's Managed Cloud Services."

"NaviSite's Managed Cloud Services platform provides flexible, on-demand provisioning of IT services that are reliable and secure, allowing organizations like Courion to scale their services up or down, based on demand," said Brooks Borcherding, president at NaviSite. "And we are committed to the highest standards in security controls, processes and procedures for our NaviCloud Platform, giving Courion the peace of mind they need to leverage the cloud and expand their service offerings."

About CourionCourion Corporation delivers software solutions that effectively and securely manage access risk. Fourteen million users across more than 500 organizations rely on Courion's access risk management technology to align user access privileges with corporate and regulatory governance policies. Courion's cloud and on-premise solutions provide a full range of identity and access management functionality while demonstrating compliance and achieving quick time-to-value. For more information about Westborough, Mass.-based Courion, visit or check out our blog at

About NaviSiteNaviSite, Inc., a Time Warner Cable Company, is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and services. NaviSite provides a full suite of reliable and scalable managed services, including Application Services, industry-leading Enterprise Hosting, and Managed Cloud Services for organizations looking to outsource IT infrastructures and lower their capital and operational costs. Enterprise customers depend on NaviSite for customized solutions, delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centers. For more information about NaviSite's services, please visit

All logos, company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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Courion Leverages NaviSite's Enterprise Cloud to Deliver Identity and Access Management Software-as-a-Service

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dinCloud Places Cloud Control In The Customers Hands

dinManage arms clients with tool to better manage their cloud

dinCloud, a cloud transformation company and leading provider of hosted virtual desktops, recently announced the release of dinManage, an online application that gives its customers complete control over their own cloud environment, including desktops, servers, storage and network security resources. The feature rich management tool is included in dinClouds dinHVD (Hosted Virtual Desktop) offering as part of the basic bundled solution at no additional cost. dinManage puts full, seamless, web-based control of the network in the hands of the customer.

dinManages automated provisioning system makes cost and time efficient to add additional virtual desktops and services to an existing infrastructure. In addition, the application includes reporting and analytics capabilities to give CIOs and IT managers a more comprehensive view of system performance, usage and productivity. The online application supports public, private and hybrid clouds.

dinManage puts a secure, robust platform directly in ITs hands to allow them to directly and efficiently manage their own resources. We feel the capability to manage, provision and access reporting is key to successful use of cloud-based services and as such, weve included our cloud orchestration and management platform as part of our core service offering. We continue to invest in bringing innovative features that simplify the management of IT, said Dr. Shahzad Munawwar, chief operating officer at dinCloud.

dinManage offers a wide range of features including:

Provisioning / De-provisioning of Virtual Hosted Desktops, Virtual Hosted Servers

Provisioning of security and networking (VPN, IPs, and firewall)

Ability to configure hardware and software specifications of the virtual machines

Upgrade / Downgrade options available to virtually reconfigure machines at any time

Power On/Off individual virtual machines using the on and off toggle button

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dinCloud Places Cloud Control In The Customers Hands

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Teradata Active Data Warehouses Provide Private Cloud Benefits — TODAY

DUBLIN, April 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Teradata Universe EMEA-- Greater utilization of processing power has been a key driver and sought-after benefit of corporate private cloud computing implementations to centralize and share computing resources and increase utilization to 60 percent or higher. Today, only about 25 percent of the available processing power of virtualized servers is being utilized by many companies that adopt virtualization, a Gartner analyst recently told CIO magazine(1). Teradata (NYSE: TDC - News) today announced important new private cloud capabilities to help companies effectively realize much greater utilization.

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Teradata's Active Data Warehouses (ADW) have been providing customers with 90 to 100 percent utilization for years. The consolidation and centralization of numerous under-utilized, disparate data marts has resulted in data and analytics being more efficiently shared from one, centralized ADW among multiple organizations and thousands of users. In addition to the utilization benefits of an integrated, private cloud approach, the Teradata ADW Private Cloud provides customers with richer insights for better decisions and competitive advantage.

As a data warehouse private cloud, the Teradata ADW directly addresses a major pain point with CIOs by ensuring computing resources are optimized, and fully utilized - a significant economic advantage to any IT organization. By consolidating data warehouse servers onto a Teradata ADW Private Cloud, IT executives and their teams can be certain that their computing resources are fully utilized and producing ROI on a 7X24 basis.

In addition to reducing the number of servers and storage, a Teradata ADW Private Cloud also delivers both capital and operating expense savings, including labor, data center space, power and cooling. With the unique architecture of a Teradata ADW Private Cloud, companies can gain benefits without the performance penalty of more traditional virtualization approaches.

"Leading companies have consolidated underutilized servers and storage onto a Teradata ADW Private Cloud, reducing costs while increasing utilization of their IT resources," said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. "By eliminating data marts, many with only 10-20 percent utilization, companies can consolidate onto a Teradata ADW Private Cloud running at 90 to 100 percent utilization."

Furthermore, by consolidating data marts onto a Teradata ADW Private Cloud, companies can integrate the data, which gives users a unified version of the most relevant data more quickly and at less cost for better business intelligence across disciplines and processes.

Business users can also benefit from better control of their computing resources with the self-service capabilities of a Teradata ADW Private Cloud. In less than five minutes, business users can easily meet the demand for analytics by creating a fully functioning data lab to provision and manage data required for their particular needs.

These resource utilization and self-service benefits are enabled by several key characteristics of a Teradata ADW Private Cloud:

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Teradata Active Data Warehouses Provide Private Cloud Benefits -- TODAY

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How Dirty is the Cloud? – Video

16-04-2012 19:24 You've heard about the Foxconn factory in China where your iPad is assembled. But have you ever considered the energy required to store your emails, photos, and videos in the cloud? As worldwide demand for data storage skyrockets, so do the power needs of the servers where all our digital archives live. While some companies (like Facebook) have made great progress in ditching dirty fossil-fuel energy for cleaner renewables, a few internet giants lag far behind. Climate Desk visited Maiden, North Carolina, for a close-up view of what will soon be one of the world's biggest data centers—owned by Apple and powered by the coal-heavy power behemoth Duke Energy.

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How Dirty is the Cloud? - Video

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Go Beyond WebCasting. Get Interactive Cloud Based Video Casting! – Video

17-04-2012 04:04 Unleash the power of Professional WebCasting cum Video Conferencing through IVB7 like never before. IVB7 is a full video streaming bundle including streaming servers, hardware unit, promotional materials and tools.For Details visit

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Go Beyond WebCasting. Get Interactive Cloud Based Video Casting! - Video

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KineticCloud Backup for Servers Product Demo – Video

17-04-2012 10:55 The powerful KineticCloud Backup for Servers client includes: 1) Seamless backup of open files, folders, MS Exchange & MS SQL 2) Agentless backup capabilities that lets you back up your entire network from one console. 3) Hybrid backup capabilities which let you keep local backup copies of data for fast restore in case of disaster.

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KineticCloud Backup for Servers Product Demo - Video

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