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Cloud computing moves slow for North Jersey businesses

With the growing buzz around cloud computing and its benefits of ramping up efficiency while cutting information technology costs some local companies are beginning to weigh its pros and cons, while acknowledging it as the next inevitable IT progression.

According to a 2012 survey by Edge Strategies and Microsoft, a major cloud provider, about 30 percent of small to midsize companies are using some cloud services, which allow part or all of businesses' computing needs like Web-based applications, backup services, data storage or other functions to be hosted online rather than on in-house servers.

"I'm seeing more and more businesses that are interested in learning about cloud computing and more and more that are using it," said Tzvi Mayerfeld, president of CMIT Solutions in Clifton, which offers cloud computing services.

Cloud computing allows consumers to pay one monthly fee that covers only what they use. This can save money by avoiding expensive hardware and maintenance costs when a business grows and needs more computing power, and the technology can update itself without bringing in a tech expert, Mayerfeld said.

Because of this, cloud services work best for start-ups without a lot of capital, running Web-based applications or businesses that need to guarantee remote access to work applications. It can also ensure that data remains accessible in the event a catastrophe destroys an office, because cloud-based applications and services can still operate. Cloud also works well with companies that don't have the proper space for IT equipment, said Jhovanny Rodriguez, vice president of Synetek, a Hackensack-based managed IT services and cloud computing provider.

Cloud also can be advantageous for businesses that face unpredictable demand, such as an e-commerce site that needs to expand its capacity only for holiday spikes, explained Vladimir Zwass, distinguished professor of computer science and management information systems at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Data Screening, a background-checking company in Clifton with four in-house staffers, does most of its business on the cloud, Vice President Kimberly Slezak said.

The company has been using Synetek for about four years for cloud email spam and backups. For background checks, it uses a cloud-based, online application that allows staff and clients to access information and place requests anywhere. The company also uses SalesForce, an application that logs sales data and manages files through the cloud, Slezak said.

"Now I'm available 24/7," she said. "It's not a matter of me telling a client, 'I can't get this done for you because I'm at home.' I can just log online to do it."

Slezak said converting to cloud has saved them money. Otherwise, major in-house equipment could cost them around $3,000 upfront, and it's more expensive and cumbersome to develop their own sales and background-checking software.

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Cloud computing moves slow for North Jersey businesses

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Yottaa Introduces Cloud-Based Firewall and Global DNS Service

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire -06/26/12)- Velocity Conference -- Yottaa, Inc., the cloud performance and security company, announced today that it has added cloud-based firewall and global DNS to the Yottaa product suite. With this move, Yottaa extends its suite beyond performance optimization, and into reliability and security.

Yottaa Firewall is a cloud-based service that lets web operations teams throttle or block traffic. This helps prioritize "good" traffic (e.g., customers, site visitors, and important bots such as Googlebot and Bing web crawler), throttle less important traffic (e.g., other crawlers and bots) and completely block malicious traffic (hackers and annoying bots).

Yottaa DNS is a global IP Anycast-based DNS service. The enterprise-grade service, running in more than ten geographically distributed data centers, allows web operations teams to improve performance, security and reliability of their DNS infrastructure. Yottaa DNS balances requests across a customer's entire web and cloud infrastructure -- across multiple servers, multiple data centers, and in the public cloud.

"Our new protection services are a radical re-think of Internet traffic processing," said Coach Wei, CEO, Yottaa. "Yottaa's cloud-based protection services are built from the ground-up to be as elastic, resilient and cost-effective as the cloud itself. And they share and learn from the collective intelligence acquired across the entire Internet, to grow better over time. With these additions to the Yottaa suite, every business can now enjoy enterprise-grade speed, scale and security."

Enterprise-Grade Traffic Control for Any Website

Traditionally, enterprise-grade DNS and firewall protection have been out of reach of most organizations. By incorporating these services in the Yottaa suite, Yottaa makes web performance and security accessible to everyone.

Next-Generation Protection Services for Cloud Apps

Until now, organizations hosting sites and applications in the cloud have had to either settle for the limited security protection options made available by their cloud providers, or attempt to build a custom security solution on their own. Yottaa now offers a third choice -- enterprise-grade protection delivered as a cloud-based service.

Protection Service as Elastic and Adaptive as The Cloud Itself

Traditional firewalls are typically appliance-based, with fixed upfront capital costs, no elasticity and zero intelligence sharing. Yottaa's cloud-based virtualized firewalls have no single point of failure, can scale to handle traffic spikes, and use patented learning technology to continually learn and improve performance over time.

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Yottaa Introduces Cloud-Based Firewall and Global DNS Service

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Freudenberg IT Announces the Expansion of its Cloud Solution Offering for SAP® Mobility Products


Freudenberg IT (FIT), an SAP-certified global provider of hosting and cloud services, announces the availability of managed hosting support for SAP mobility solutions, including the SAP mobile platform and the SAP Afaria 7.0 mobile device management platform.

We are excited to add support for SAPs mobility portfolio to our complete line of services for mission-critical, managed SAP applications on a 24x7 basis, said Jim Kunz, Vice President of Technical Architecture, FIT. FITs ability to integrate mobility solutions into our customers SAP solution-based environments, along with FITs industry-leading services such as a global follow-the-sun service desk, managed infrastructure and application hosting, Microsoft Exchange hosting, and managed desktop client services, all backed by industry-leading SLAs, differentiates us in the IT services industry. With FIT, our customers have an IT partner and trusted-advisor that can provide and manage their IT infrastructure and service requirements. This allows customers to focus on their core business competencies.

The SAP mobile platform connects mobile workers to business processes at any time, from anywhere. The mobile enterprise application platform enables enterprise developers to simply and quickly build applications that connect business data to mobile workers on any device, at any time. FIT provides a fully managed infrastructure platform along with monitoring, backup/restore, and disaster recovery services to help ensure uninterrupted availability.

SAP Afaria keeps mobile workers working and keeps enterprise data secure. It manages and secures mobile data, devices and applications. FITs private, managed, cloud-hosting platform gives SAP Afaria customers the security and flexibility to develop mobile applications.

About Freudenberg IT

Freudenberg IT (FIT) is a global provider of IT services for implementing, optimizing and operating IT systems. FIT specializes in mission-critical hosting capabilities across the globe using its world-class FIT-owned data centers. IT services include Managed Hosting Services (e.g., in support of SAP solutions, Exchange, etc.), LAN/WAN Management, Client Services, Helpdesk Services, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Disaster Recovery Services, and more. As an SAP-certified global provider of hosting and cloud services with over 40 years of experience running and hosting SAP solutions, FIT is a recognized partner and hosting provider within the SAP ecosystem. FITs customers benefit from its emphasis on mission-critical computing with extensive audits and certifications across most industries. FIT is part of the Freudenberg Group, a family-owned business of 160+ years, employing over 37,000 employees across 58 countries today and with solid financials of over 6 billion (a 9.6 percent increase over 2010) in annual revenues.

For more information, please visit:

SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

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Freudenberg IT Announces the Expansion of its Cloud Solution Offering for SAP® Mobility Products

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FireHost Launches Referral Partner Program Designed to Share Success

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire -06/26/12)- Secure cloud hosting company, FireHost, has today announced the details of its new referral partner program, offering partners the chance to grow their business by teaming with the industry leader.

Participation in FireHost's new referral partner program is both generous and straightforward, with benefits including:

The referral program is aimed at managed service providers, value added resellers, digital and design agencies, security consultants, auditors, Web and mobile developers, eCommerce providers and any company that regularly advises clients on hosting and securing data, applications and websites.

"Janeiro Digital has developed its business by creating strong, consultative relationships with its clients," said Jonathan Bingham, CEO of Janeiro Digital. "FireHost does the same with its partners and that makes for a lasting relationship and provides great opportunity."

Registering and qualifying as a referral partner is simple. By signing up, FireHost referral partners have the opportunity to establish a relationship with the leader in secure cloud hosting while also creating an additional revenue stream that is both automatic and regular.

"We have designed a program from the ground up aimed at ensuring the success of our partners. We have formal training programs, customer facing collateral pieces and dedicated partner managers all in place to make the program easy to implement. By signing up, FireHost partners can generate a regular income stream and ultimately grow their business," said Jim Ciampaglio, SVP of global sales and marketing at FireHost.

Partners can refer with confidence, knowing their referrals will benefit from FireHost's hands-on expertise and depth of knowledge in security and compliance in the cloud. The company's secure cloud infrastructure exceeds the PCI (Payment Card Industry) regulations governing the handling of customer credit card data and is certified PCI DSS 2.0 compliant. Since it was founded in 2006, FireHost has grown to serve thousands of customers across 30 different countries. In 2011 alone it successfully blocked more than 50 million external hack attempts targeted at its customers.

For more information on the partner referral program, please visit:

About FireHostFireHost is a secure cloud hosting company focused on protecting sensitive data and companies' brand reputations with infrastructure built for security, scalability and performance. Customers with specific compliance or performance needs subscribe to FireHost's PCI, HIPAA or high traffic solutions, including some of the largest companies in the world, as well as many fast growing eCommerce, SaaS and healthcare IT providers. FireHost provides services from Dallas, Phoenix, London and Amsterdam.

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FireHost Launches Referral Partner Program Designed to Share Success

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Two of many mingebags on servers – Video

25-06-2012 11:43 Wow... I can't believe that an admin really kicked me for demoting a mingebag for spamming in the out of character, plus he's already punished me before it (you can see on my screenshots in the link below) I say both of these people deserve a ban, the admin should lose his powers as well. Admin abusing: Persistan STEAM_0:1:42233763 Player abusing ID: STEAM_0:1:14787686 Background story: The mingebag player was insulting my friend and whining on the /ooc, then another admin threatened the player that he is on his last warning for RDM, however he carried on arguing when the admin left, i decided to help out my friend because the player was convince that my friend was on his last warning, not him. However when i told him the facts he directed his abuse towards me, after around 30mins of arguing i decided i should demote him for abusing the /ooc. He started raging and called the mingebag admin to help him out. The mingebag admin teleported us into a room and started agreeing with whatever the player said i did, so the admin decided to ignite me, jail me, get kicked by a ragdoll, kill me twice before listening to my side of the story, when i told him my side the player constantly interrupted me just to piss me off, however the admin didn't even listen to me and gave the player a ak47, a knife and some other weapons because he accidentally killed him when he ragdoll kicked himself into me (killing me also). Then the admin let the player kill me which is clearly RDM, then the ...

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Two of many mingebags on servers - Video

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Episode 3: Building Scalable Applications in the Cloud – Application Server Tier – Video

25-06-2012 11:54 In this six-part series, RightScale Solutions Architect Brian Adler identifies the challenges of building scalable applications in the cloud, shares best practices for building a reference architecture, and shows you how to set up the individual tiers in a multi-tiered architecture. This video series is a must-see for application developers and systems architects who have taken advantage of cloud resources to scale their applications and are encountering new challenges as they approach previously unseen scalability thresholds.

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Episode 3: Building Scalable Applications in the Cloud - Application Server Tier - Video

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RightScale Cloud Management Platform Screencast – Video

25-06-2012 12:39 RightScale Architect provides a screencast of the RightScale Management Platform and core offering. RightScale Cloud Management is the bridge between your applications and your cloud infrastructure. The MultiCloud Platform provides a universal remote to conveniently access your public, private, and hybrid cloud resource pools from one Dashboard and API. The Configuration Framework provides intelligent cloud blueprints to configure and operate your servers in a dynamic and completely customizable fashion. The MultiCloud Marketplace™ provides a one-stop shop of cloud-ready components. The Automation Engine gives you the power to provision, monitor, scale, and manage entire server deployments efficiently and reliably. Governance Controls allow you to keep watch over access, security, auditing, reporting, and budgeting through a "single pane of glass" view.

RightScale Cloud Management Platform Screencast - Video

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Launching a Rackspace server using RightScale – Video

25-06-2012 15:24 This is a video demonstrating the launch of a Rackspace server using RightScale. RightScale cloud management enables organizations to easily deploy and manage business-critical applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds. RightScale provides efficient configuration, monitoring, automation, and governance of cloud computing infrastructure and applications. For more information visit

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Launching a Rackspace server using RightScale - Video

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