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VFX Supervisor Andrew Whitehurst Grapples With The Intricacies Of Quantum Physics On Sci-Fi Thriller Devs – Deadline

On sci-fi thriller Devs, VFX supervisor Andrew Whitehurst reteamed with director Alex Garland for an exploration of the multiverse, digging into scientific literature to depict a world of the near future, and the technology that accompanied it.

Starring Sonoya Mizuno, the series centers on Lily, a software engineer for a quantum computing company in the Bay Area, who investigates a secretive development division within her company, following the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend.

An Oscar winner known for films including Ex Machina and Annihilation, Whitehurst began conversations on Devs while the latter film was being finished. [Alex and I] were talking a lot during the period of him writing it, because we both have a shared interest in quantum physics, and the idea of multiverses. I was being sent episodes as they were being written, and discussing what he was about to go and write before he was writing it, Whitehurst says. So, it was probably the most involved Ive ever been in that part of a production, which is lovely.

In early conversations with Garland, Whitehurst understood that visual effects would play out in two branches throughout the show. What art departments cant build, we would have to augment or extend, or in some cases, replace. So, theres that sort of invisible worldbuilding aspect to it, which we knew we were going to have to do, because the scope of the vision was so big, he explains. We knew our art department would do something amazing, but we were going to be in the business of making the world complete.

From Whitehursts perspective, the other of the two aforementioned branches was much more creatively driven, representing a singular kind of challenge. Essentially, in his work on Devs, Whitehurst would have to visualize life inside a multiverse. Secondly, he would have to craft outputs, or visualizations, emerging from a quantum computer at Devsthe development division that gives the series its name. Created by obsessive scientists Forest (Nick Offerman) and Katie (Alison Pill), this machine has the ability to predict the future, and visually project into the past, presenting grainy depictions of such figures as Jesus Christ and Joan of Arc.

Prior to production, Whitehurst turned to the writing of physicist David Deutschas he often has throughout his careerfor insights that might inform the visual effects at hand. He wrote an amazing book more than 20 years ago called The Fabric of Reality, which is something that I reread semi-regularly, he says. His notion of trying to come up with this theory of everything that can describe, using scientific ideas, this whole universe, was something that was very appealing, as a philosophical basis to build off.

On a practical level, the VFX supervisor experimented early on with the way he would manifest a multiverse, and the quantum computers visualizations, recognizing that the choices he made would have a direct impact on the way the show was shot. For the multiverse stuff, we needed to know what we were aiming for the finished effect to look like, so we knew what to shoot on set to be able to do that. Then, with the visualizations that you see on the screens inside the [Devs] cube, we were hoping to be able to, and ultimately were able to, project most of that footage live on set, when you were actually shooting those scenes, so that it could act as a light source, Whitehurst explains. It gave the actors something to react to; it gave [DP] Rob [Hardy] something to frame up on.

When it came to multiverse footagewhich featured multiple versions of an actor on screenWhitehurst engaged in a series of tests, shooting various versions of people doing very similar actions, before blurring them, and layering them together. That had this very Francis Bacon look to it, which was kind of cool. But it didnt describe the idea of many different worlds clearly enough. So, that was an iterative process, the artist reflects. We ended up going, Look. The way that we should do this, that we should represent the many worlds, is by being able to see each distinct person in their own world of the multiverse. And were just going to layer that together.

In the design process for the visualizations, Whitehurst asked himself, how would the quantum computer visually generate a world for people to look at? Again, we went through a lot of different ideas of building it up in blocks, or building it up as clouds. And ultimately, the way that modern computer renderers work, which is the piece of software that generates our CG pictures, is that it works by doing continually refining passes, he explains. So, when you say, Render me this scene, the first thing youre presented with is this very sandy, rough version of the image, and then it gets slightly less rough, and slightly less rough, and the sandiness goes away, and it becomes clearer, and clearer, and clearer.

For Garland and his VFX supervisor, this understanding of real-world rendering lent itself to an interesting visual ideaand so over the course of Devs, we see that the computer is getting better at creating its images over time. We took that idea, and we actually ended up coming up with this sort of 3D volume of these points drifting around, as if they were little motes of dust suspended in water. The computer is generally coaxing these points to be specific objects in a certain space, and as they get better and better at it, the points become denser, and the object becomes clearer and clearer, Whitehurst says. That ended up being a narratively satisfying approach to designing that visual effect, but also it had a real aesthetic quality to it, as well. So, that was kind of a double win for us, really.

The visuals that appear on the massive Devs screen were all first photographed as plates, which would serve as a base for Whitehursts creations. We had a performer to be Joan of Arc, and we had a series of actors to be Lincoln, and the other people at the Gettysburg Address. Those were filmed in a car park at Pinewood [Studios], and then we would track those, and isolate them, so that we could put them into three-dimensional space, the VFX supervisor says. Then, we would create digital matte painting environments, and we were able to build up this scene, which had depth, which we could then, using the simulation software that wed developed, push these points around, so that they could attempt to try and stick themselves to the forms of these people. And the amount that they stuck to that form determined how clear they were.

In terms of the invisible worldbuilding Whitehurst tackled for the series, one of the biggest challenges, and most distinct examples, was the Devs cubethe beautifully futuristic center of the development divisions operations. Encased in reflective golden walls, the cube was an office, which workers entered into, by way of a floating capsule on a horizontal path.

Art departments were constrained by the size of the biggest soundstage that we could find, which happened to be in Manchester. What they were able to build was the office level of the floating cube, the gold walls that surround it, the gap in between, and a glass capsule, which was mounted on a massive steel trolley that could be pushed backwards and forwards by grips, Whitehurst shares. But everything thats above and below that had to be a visual effect. Then, any angles where you were particularly low, looking up, or particularly high, looking down, also had to be full visual effect shots, because you couldnt get the camera that high or that low, because of the constraints of the space.

Most dialogue scenes within the Devs cube were realized in-camera, given that the camera department was following people on the office floor, with a level lens. But basically, anything thats above or below the office floor in that environment is digital, the VFX supervisor notes. And obviously, you had to paint out the trolley that the capsule was on, and replace that section of the environment with a digital version.

Another impressive example of the series VFX worldbuilding was the massive statue of Amaya, which towered over the redwood trees on the Devs campus. Present very little on screen, this little girl is more of a specteran absence that permeates and haunts the world of Devs. That [statue] was fully CG, Whitehurst says. The location that its sat in is the amphitheater at the University of California, Santa Cruz. So, they had a stage area, and its like, Well, the statue will be standing on that.

Taking into consideration the environment in which the statue would stand, Whitehurst then had to consider in depth how it would look. We did a photogrammetry session, which is where you are able to take multiple photographs instantaneously of a subjectin this case, the little girl. From that, you can build a 3D model. So, its a sort of snapshot in time that you can then create into something 3D, the VFX supervisor says. We used that as the basis of our digital sculpt then to make the statue, and then we went through a long process of, Well, should this be a piece of pop art? Should it have a sort of Jeff Koons quality to it? Or should we go for something that feels like its made out of concrete?

We tried a whole bunch of different surfacing approaches, and how would it catch the light if it was made of concrete, or if it was enamel paint, and eventually, the pop art approach felt narratively the most appropriate, he adds. So, thats what we ended up going with.

For Whitehurst, there were a great number of creative challenges in designing visual effects for Devs. Certainly, I think the complexity of some of the environmentsso, the cube with the permanently shifting lighting on it, where were having to match all of those lighting changeswas very tricky. Getting this sort of aesthetic balance in things like the visualizations, making it feel something that felt scientifically plausible, but also had a sense of beauty. And how much should we allow the audience to see, and how mysterious should it be? he says. That sort of thing was complex.

The series was also notable for Whitehurst, given that it was the first he had ever taken on. Most of us working on the series come from a film background. But I think the key thing that is most exciting about it, and particularly for someone like Alex, who is so big-ideas-driven, and writes characters so well, is having something where you get to spend more time with those characters, he says. You really get to flesh out and develop those big ideas, which is something that all of the rest of us working on it can help with.

The other highlight is, I got to work with some of my favorite people, again, for the third time, Whitehurst adds. So, it was an exciting mixture of very familiar, in terms of most of the people I was working with, and something excitingly new at the same time.

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VFX Supervisor Andrew Whitehurst Grapples With The Intricacies Of Quantum Physics On Sci-Fi Thriller Devs - Deadline

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Explainer: What is ‘LBCOIN,’ the new Lithuanian state-backed cryptocurrency? – Euronews

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the development of digital currencies by central banks in a bid to encourage people to turn to cashless payments.

One such project is being led by Lithuanias Central Bank, which will open a pre-sale for the worlds first digital collector coins - dubbed "LBCOINs" - on July 9 as part of its trial of blockchain technology and digital currencies.

The Bank of Lithuania (BoL) has been developing the project since March 2018 and is now entering the final phase of the trial.

The project is more of an experiment rather than the official launch of a tradeable currency. 24,000 digital LBCOINs will go on pre-sale this week, sold in packs of 6 for 99. Each token will feature a portrait of one of the 20 signatories of Lithuania's declaration of independence signed in 1918, which have been divided into six categories: priests, presidents, diplomats, industrialists, academics, and municipal servants.

Collectors will be able to trade tokens then exchange a specific set a token from each of the six categories for a physical silver coin worth 19.18. The BoL explained that their use as a means of payment will not be encouraged as it is meant to engage more people, especially the youth, in coin collecting while gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the field of digital currencies.

Decentralised, secure, and encrypted, a blockchain is a time-stamped series of data that is shared and authenticated by a cluster of computers. The technology is considered to be revolutionary because it helps reduce risks, affords transparency, and is not owned by one single entity.

According to Sinop Conseil consultant Florence Presson, the need for blockchain originates from the loss of trust between citizens and institutions. People tend to trust a stranger more than an institution, says Presson. She advocates for trust devolution based on blockchain technology and believes both administrations and citizens could really benefit from it when it comes to official records: birth certificates, deeds of sale, and so on.

Blockchain Partner co-founder, Alexandre Stachtchenko argues that blockchain also tackles other shortcomings of the Internet: how to transfer value and depict something as rare when it is not unique. Unlike an e-mail, once youve sent out a bitcoin, you cannot access it anymore, he explains. The blockchain expert notes with regret that the monetary discussion has been overshadowing the technical one, with blockchain often being associated with cryptocurrencies with much-publicised bitcoins.

Stachtchenko believes that the BoL's interesting, unpretentious initiative will fuel the debate about cryptocurrencies and deal with the elephant in the room. With developments like Facebooks cryptocurrency Libra, which should be launched by the end of the year, governments sovereignty is now being challenged with one of their main prerogatives: the establishment and the management of currency.

There is no doubt that other countries will be following this experiment closely as the race for a central bank digital currency (CBDC) is accelerating. In a report published on July 2, the Bank of Japan announced moving towards a testing phase aiming at introducing a CBDC eventually.

A survey conducted in January 2020 among 66 central banks by the Bank for International Settlements showed that more than 80 per cent of them were developing a central bank digital currency.

In a speech at the Consensus 2020 virtual conference on May 11, Vice-Chair of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), Yves Mersch recognised that Europe will need to be ready to embrace financial technological innovation which has the potential to transform payments and money faster, and in more disruptive ways, than ever before."

This represents a sea change with ECB leaders, particularly given that former President Mario Draghi stated in 2017 that no member state can introduce its own currency; the currency of the eurozone is the euro in response to Estonian government's proposition to promote the circulation of a new cryptocurrency.

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Explainer: What is 'LBCOIN,' the new Lithuanian state-backed cryptocurrency? - Euronews

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Cryptocurrency News Update: XRP and ADA on fire, BTC lags behind – FXStreet


BTC/USD has barely changed since this time on Tuesday. The first digital asset is changing hands at $9,273 after a move to $9,380 on Monday. The coin is moving within the short-term bearish trend amid expanding volatility; Bitcoin's market dominance dropped to 62.9%.

At the time of writing, ETH/USD is changing hands at $241.20, off the intraday high of $242.56. ETH/USD has grown by over 1% in the recent 24 hours and stayed unchanged since the start of the day. ETH is moving within a short-term bearish trend amid expanding volatility.

XRP/USD is on fire. The third-largest digital asset jumped above $0.2000 during early Asian hours. At the time of writing, it is changing hands at $0.1997. XRP/USD has gained over 7% and over 6% in the recent 24 hours. Now the short-term trend is bearish while the volatility is high.

Among the 100 most important cryptocurrencies Dogecoin (DOGE) $0.0042 (+52.4%), Cardano (ADA) $0.1319 (+23.5%), VeChain (VET) $0.0176 (+17.4%) are the most successeful . The day's losers are KuCoin Shares (KCS) $0.7950 (-6.7%), Loopring (LRC) $0.0950 (-4.9%), Verge (XVG) $0.0069 (-4.4%).

Chart of the day:XRP/USD, 1-hourchart


Cardano (ADA) catapults above $0.1000 during early Asian hours as strong bullish momentum is growing. The coin is supported by a series of positive fundamental developments, including the release of Daedalus wallet V. 1.2.0-STN1 for the Cardano Shelley testnet with staking functionality. The Shelley code is also implemented in the mainnet of the project, though the activation process is tom finished yet. At the time of writing, ADA/USD is changing hands at $0.1315 and takes the 6th place in the global cryptocurrency rating. The coin has gained over 23% in the recent 24 hours.

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Dogecoin (DOGE), a joke coin based on a popular meme with a Shiba Inu dog, went wild and surged more than 100% to $0.0047 on Monday. At the time of writing, the coin is changing hands at $0.0041 and takes the 27th position in CoinMarketCap's rating. Wild moves of the coin were triggered by TikTok videos where users are encouraged to pump DOGE. Some experts believe, that Dogecoin phenomenon is not a typical pump-and-dump scheme, but more like a Robinhood-like price manipulation.

It is more like a stock manipulation scheme where the participants are mostly aware of the risks and willingly participate, Insider Monkey cofounder and editor Meena Krishnamsetty said as cited by Gizmodo.

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Over 89% of crypto holders are worried about what happens to their digital assets when they pass away, according to the latest research conducted by Cremation Institute. However, the younger generation is less likely to have a plan in case of sudden death. Over 50% of Zoomers have no instructions for their digital assets when they pass on. Meanwhile, about 90% of older generations reported having a plan to pass on their crypto holdings.


Japan`s Financial Services Agency will have a crypto-friendly leader. Japanese government appointed Ryozo Himino as a commissioner of Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA), Jiji Press reports. Himino is known for his positive approach towards digital assets. Namely, he supported the idea to invite Blockstream`s Adam Back to a seminar last June that took place during G20 meeting in Fukuoka, Japan.

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Cryptocurrency News Update: XRP and ADA on fire, BTC lags behind - FXStreet

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Cardano Becomes 6th Largest Cryptocurrency As Charles Hoskinson Pushes for Unity in Emerging Blockchain Industry – The Daily Hodl

Charles Hoskinson is confident that Cardano (ADA) will secure its spot as a leading smart contract platform after the cryptocurrency surged to become the 6th largest by market cap.

Cardano began the month at $0.0838 and has since jumped to $0.1346 at time of publishing a staggering 60% increase. In a new YouTube video, the IOHK CEO says Cardanos fundamentals are thriving and his team will continue pushing to break new ground in the industry.

Heres the reality, we had the Shelley summit and it showed the world that those who took a very bearish contrarian position on Cardano are wrong. We, as an ecosystem, are here to stay. Were gonna keep growing, were gonna keep delivering, and were gonna have a great product and market, and we already have a great product to market.

Hoskinson says that the entire crypto community will benefit from the continuation of Cardano as it builds systems that he hopes will bring the crypto industry to a new level.

We are leaving behind foundations that will fundamentally transform the way things work in our industry and hopefully the world. Were showing people how to do liquid democracy. Were showing people how to do blockchain-based governance. Were showing people how to do a much better UTXO model

Its the smart cow effect. Once one smart cow figures out how to open up the paddock, all the cows get out. Similarly, once one company knows how to do this, this becomes knowledge of the commons, so every single project benefits from that.

The Cardano founder says people will not always come to the same conclusions in the crypto space, but he reiterates the need for unity to protect the future of the industry.

Its okay to disagree and we should disagree, but we should then be productive about the disagreements and talk a lot about trade-offs and what we value versus what other people value.

Because we have different values, well discover that its not that were disagreeable. Its rather that we just think and look at the world a bit differently. Perhaps this is too much to ask, but if we want to be successful, if we truly do want to see our ecosystems become trillion-dollar-plus platforms with hundreds of millions of users and taking over the elections of countries, this is the entry requirement. It is a standard we have to meet as an industry.

Featured Image: Shutterstock/Volodimir Zozulinskyi

Cardano Becomes 6th Largest Cryptocurrency As Charles Hoskinson Pushes for Unity in Emerging Blockchain Industry - The Daily Hodl

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Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps Indacoin halt fraudulent operations with cryptocurrency –

One of cryptocurrencys main benefits is the ability to conduct trusted transactions swiftly. However, the anonymous and decentralized nature of these transfers can be leveraged by fraudsters to wash money or trick legitimate crypto investors. In order to keep their customers investments truly clean, exchange service Indacoin has adopted Kaspersky Fraud Prevent to halt this foul practice.

Many fraudsters launder funds from stolen cards or using leaked card details before they transfer them to their bank accounts and it is estimated that around three-quarters of laundered cryptocurrency in 2018 was washed with an exchange service. They are also able to manipulate crypto exchange users to transfer money into another account by impersonating security service members and using tools for remote access. As this software is legitimate, traditional security solutions may not be alerted to any risks and mark it as dangers. These cases not only put users investments at risk but also negatively impacts the reputation of exchange services.

It is critical to identify and block these damaging transactions, without affecting the speed of legitimate transfers of funds. The cryptocurrency exchange rate is known to be quite erratic. which means investors rely on their payments being processed very quickly.

Indacoin, a leading fiat-to-crypto exchange, provides a simplified verification process, which allows customers to use its partners services without any additional difficulties. To eliminate risks of the platform being misused, Indacoin has turned to the Kaspersky Fraud Prevention service. The Automated Fraud Analysis uncovers fraudulent transactions in real-time. It also can detect fraudster groups through global device reputation and extended fingerprinting analysis, so it is capable of detecting suspicious activity before the act of fraud has actually damaged the business.

As a result of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention being integrated into Indacoins antifraud system, its efficiencies rose by 38%. The most noticeable improvement was the ability to identify operations when operations were conducted on a clients computer or phone via remote access.

Anvar Sidorov, Director of Partnerships at Indacoin, provided his commentary: The crypto exchange has many unique features, but in general, we share the main risks of financial institutions: security of cards and payment information, as well as security of personal accounts and safety of clients funds. The implementation of Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helped to identify highly targeted fraud schemes, identify dishonest users with advanced precision and implement machine learning in the verification system.

We are delighted to be chosen by Indacoin, and it is always great to see a business take cybersecurity seriously. Fraudulent transactions are common on crypto exchange services and this has the potential to damage investor loyalty in this new sphere. By integrating Kaspersky Fraud Prevention with their exchange, Indacoin is positioning itself as a trusted partner for cryptocurrency investors in what is a highly competitive market, comments Claire Hatcher, Head of Business for Kaspersky Fraud Prevention.

If you have an interesting article / experience / case study to share, please get in touch with us at

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Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps Indacoin halt fraudulent operations with cryptocurrency -

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There are now 13173 BTC millionaires around the world – Nairametrics

As many institutional investors and globalbanks search for regulated crypto assets to investin,Arcoincreated byArcaLabs seemsto solve suchneeds.

TheArCoinisbuilton theEthereumblockchainand represents stakes inArcas U.S. Treasury Fund, which is regulated by the American Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, it ismade up of 80% U.S. Treasury securities.

TheArcasU.S. Treasury Fund can be traced through a customizedplatform, which enables peer-to-peer transactions. However, for the time being,ArCoinis unavailable on any major securities exchanges.

READ MORE: Tether market capitalization surges close to $10 Billion

In a prospectus filed with the SEC in April 2019 for the then-developingArCoin,Arcaexplained that:

In the future,ArcaUST Coins may betradeableon a public decentralized or centralized electronic exchange platform that is registered with the SEC as an alternative trading system (ATS), although there is no guarantee any such systems or platforms will be available.

Quick fact;The Funds shares (ArCoins or shares) can be transferred in peer-to-peer transactions onEthereum, an open, public, distributed ledger that is secured using cryptography (referred to as a blockchain).

READ ALSO: Zilliqa, the fast-rising cryptocurrency that has gained more than 845% since March

Ethereum records transactions between two parties in a verifiable and permanent way referred to as immutability.

There are no share certificates, and because the shares can be transferred in peer-to-peer transactions using Ethereumstechnology, the shares are characterized herein as digital securities. For more information, including the costs and risks of effecting transactions onEthereum, see Peer-to-Peer Transactions, About the Digital Securities and Risks of Digital Securities.

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Inaddition, JeraldDavid, president ofArcaCapital Management, which overseesArcaLabs, explained to Cointelegraphof theirintentions inusing Treasury-based assets:

We wanted to create an instrument that invests in traditionally lower-volatility assets and the U.S. Treasurys were an ideal choice from that perspective.

There are now 13173 BTC millionaires around the world - Nairametrics

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Coping with COVID: These stunning Instagram artworks dive deep into the mind – Cond Nast Traveller India

To say that the COVID pandemic hasnt been easy is to state the obvious. Forget travelling, even catching up with friends over a drink or dinner has been impossible. Locked indoors, we are all coping with stress, anxiety and loneliness in our own way, some not as well as others. The upshot, if any, is that we are now discussing mental health more liberally. And helping the cause are artists on Instagram who are explaining mental health through their work. What does the mind look like in the midst of an anxiety attack? What does overthinking feel like? What can depression do to you? Graphic artists are using their skills to express, explain and empathise.

Illustrator Ananya Broker Parekh is spot on with her work on worrying and overthinking. Using a ball of yarn, she shows what it can feel like, how it festers and can take over your entire being.

Illustrator Tori Press takes the stigma out of seeking therapy and sketches how wonderfully counselling can help one grow. A self-proclaimed therapy enthusiast, she has several other relatable illustrations.

How many of us have been craving some form of physical touch or the other during this lockdown? Illustrator Pearl DSouzas cuddle club makes us think about who we miss the most. Physical touch is a special thing, she writes. Parents, siblings, pets, friends, partners. This lockdown has been hard on all of us, so please dont forget to give virtual and physical cuddles to anyone special to you.

Artist Aparna Ashok tells a thought-provoking tale of a sour orange. It lives its life feeling sour, unable to enjoy anything it does. Ashok leaves the story open-ended, giving her audience a chance to decide its fate. She writes: We often get caught up in a world wind of emotions and fail to recognise the little things in life that matter. Before we realise it, time has passed us by leaving us with regret and remorse. But what if we took control over our emotions? How would our stories end then? Theres a lesson here.

Heal With Art, an Instagram page curated by graphic designer Tanya Mahajan, encourages art therapy. In this illustration, she shows the various paths the mind can see but cant pick, while giving hope to her audience that they will find their way. She writes: Every day, we all are pushing ourselves a little further to cope up with the pandemic. With this unpredictable situation, we all are filled with unwanted emotions, which later leads to anxiety and depression. Please use this time to involve yourself into activities that help your emotions to flow. Thats the only way you can go through it.

Im fine!. How often are we told this, only to realise later that they were anything but. With this comparison to a deflating balloon, artist Brie encourages her audience to check up on people you more often.

This is comic book artist Meredith Laxtons take on what its fine can really mean.

An artist who goes by Feelings Boi on Instagram had this take on depression: Depression can feel like a vampire. It can suck the colour from your life leaving the world around you feeling desaturated.

Abstract artist Ashley reminds us that the mind can play tricks on you. Sharing her work, she writes: It serves as a reminder that my brain can lie to me and tell me things that are untrue. Sometimes you have to check yourself and thats totally okay!

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Coping with COVID: These stunning Instagram artworks dive deep into the mind - Cond Nast Traveller India

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COVID-19 Update: Global Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market is Expected to Grow at a Healthy CAGR with top players Deep Relax, Smiling Mind, Inner…

Due to the pandemic, we have included a special section on the Impact of COVID 19 on the Mindfulness Meditation AppsMarket which would mention How the Covid-19 is Affecting the Industry, Market Trends and Potential Opportunities in the COVID-19 Landscape, Key Regions and Proposal for Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market Players to battle Covid-19 Impact.

The Mindfulness Meditation AppsMarket report is one of the most comprehensive and important data about business strategies, qualitative and quantitative analysis of Global Market. The research report gives the potential headway openings that prevails in the global market. It offers detailed research and analysis of key aspects of the Mindfulness Meditation Apps market. The market analysts authoring this report have provided in-depth information on leading growth drivers, restraints, challenges, trends, and opportunities to offer a complete analysis of the Mindfulness Meditation Apps market. Moreover, the report gives nitty gritty data on different manufacturers, region, and products which are important to totally understanding the market.

Key Companies/Manufacturers operating in the global Mindfulness Meditation Apps market include:Deep Relax, Smiling Mind, Inner Explorer, Inc., Committee for Children, Stop, Breathe, & Think PBC, The Mindfulness App, Mindfulness Everywhere Ltd., Ten Percent Happier, Breethe, Insights Network, Inc., Simple Habit, Inc.,, Inc., Meditation Moments B.V., Headspace, Inc. and More

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Our Complimentary Sample Mindfulness Meditation Apps market Report Accommodate a Brief Introduction of the research report, TOC, List of Tables and Figures, Competitive Landscape and Geographic Segmentation, Innovation and Future Developments Based on Research Methodology.

Each region is exhaustively researched about so that players can use the analysis to tap into unexplored markets and plan powerful strategies to gain a foothold in lucrative markets. The regional analysis section of the report offers a extensive analysis of the global Mindfulness Meditation Apps market on the basis of region. The global Mindfulness Meditation Apps market will showcase a steadyCAGR in the forecast year 2020 to 2025.

Type Segmentation: (IOS, Android ) Industry Segmentation: (0 5 Years, 6 12 Years, 13 18 Years, 19 Years and Above, )

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Regions Covered in the Global Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market: The Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries and Egypt) North America (the United States, Mexico, and Canada) South America (Brazil etc.) Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.) Asia-Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Australia)

Years Considered to Estimate the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market Size:History Year: 2015-2019Base Year: 2019Estimated Year: 2020Forecast Year: 2020-2025

Key questions answered in the report:

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Contact Us:Mr. Marcus KelCall: +1 915 229 3004 (U.S)+44 7452 242832 (U.K)Email: [emailprotected]Website:

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COVID-19 Update: Global Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market is Expected to Grow at a Healthy CAGR with top players Deep Relax, Smiling Mind, Inner...

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Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market (impact of COVID-19) To See Massive Growth By 2026| Committee for Children, Insights Network, Inc., Smiling Mind,…

It is our aim to provide our readers with report for Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market, which examines the industry during the period 2020 2026. One goal is to present deeper insight into this line of business in this document. The first part of the report focuses on providing the industry definition for the product or service under focus in the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market report. Next, the document will study the factors responsible for hindering and enhancing growth in the industry. After covering various areas of interest in the industry, the report aims to provide how the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market will grow during the forecast period.

The major vendors covered:

Committee for Children, Insights Network, Inc., Smiling Mind, Deep Relax, Stop, Breathe, & Think PBC, Inner Explorer, Inc., Ten Percent Happier, The Mindfulness App, Breethe, Mindfulness Everywhere Ltd., Simple Habit, Inc., Headspace, Inc., Meditation Moments B.V.,, Inc. and more

The final report will add the analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 on Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market.

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The Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market report between the years 2020 2026 will highlight the current value of the industry. At the same time, there is also an estimate of how much this line of business will be worth at the end of the forecast period. As it is our goal to maintain high levels of accuracy at all times, we will take a look at the CAGR of the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market. We make sure that all the information available in this report has excellent levels of readability. One way we achieve this target is by Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market segmentation. Going through the report for 2020 2026 will bring our readers up-to-date regarding this industry.

While examining the information from this document, one thing becomes clear, the elements which contribute to increase in demand for the product or service. At the same time, there will be a focus on what drives the popularity of these types of products or services. This report is for those who want to learn about Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market, along with its forecast for 2020 2026. Information regarding market revenue, competitive partners, and key players will also be available.


As discussed earlier, there is segmentation in the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market report, to improve the accuracy and make it easier to collect data. The categories which are the dividing factors in the industry are distribution channels, application, and product or service type. With this level of segmentation, it becomes easier to analyze and understand the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market. At the same time, there is emphasis on which type of consumers become the customers in this industry. When it comes to distribution channels, the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market report looks at the different techniques of circulation of the product or service.

Regional Overview

In this part of the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market report, we will be taking a look at the geographical areas and the role they play in contributing to the growth of this line of business. The areas of interest in this document are as follows Middle East and Africa, South and North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. From the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market report, it becomes clear which region is the largest contributor.

Latest Industry News

From this Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market report, the reader will also get to learn about the latest developments in the industry. The reason is that these products or services have the potential to disrupt this line of business. If there is information about company acquisitions or mergers, this information will also be available in this portion of the Mindfulness Meditation Apps Market report.

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Pralaya Yoga’s Adult Nap Time Could Be the Lullaby You’re Needing in 2020 – Houstonia Magazine

I cant be the only one whos struggling to just turn my mind off when my head hits the pillow at night. With everything going on in the world right now, I feel like my brain is stuck running a marathon; a feeling most of us have become well-acquainted with over the past few months.

To find a cure for my restless nights, I went to Pralaya Yoga in Montrose, whereJohn Tran and Saumil Manekteach theRest + Restore + Soundbath Class(also referred to as Adult Nap Time) to see if I could get some relief from my racing thoughts.

Adult Nap Time is offeredvirtually and in-person at Pralayas Dunlavy Street studio four times a weekMondays at 9 p.m., Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m., Fridays at 6 p.m., and Sundays at 5 p.m. After virtually taking their hour-long class, I knew I definitely went to the right place to calm my mind. I didnt need any previous yoga experience, I could do it from my living room, and I hopped onto the Zoom right as I usually start winding down for the night at 8:30 p.m.

When the class started, I wondered why Manek was playing large drum-like instruments instead of streaming a playlist like most studios. Turns out, he wasnt just setting a relaxing mood, but guiding us through sound therapy with quartz crystal singing bowls.

The singing bowls are played at 432 hertzwhat Manek and many others refer to as the heartbeat of the universeand the frequency is believed to help the flow of oxygen through the body, provide a deeper sense of relaxation, and increase mental clarity. By playing these bowls throughout the class, he was lowering our blood pressure, helping with anxiety and PTSD, flooding the brain with dopamine, releasing oxytocin, and relieving stress.

Because of this sound's powerful impact on the body, Manek believes its a principal reason people remain calm and connected through the class. It helps you stay present, Manek says. You cant think about anything else because the sounds are so penetrating to your mind, your vibrations, your heart, everything.

On top of that, each singing bowl resonates with a specific chakra, the seven different energy centers located at set points throughout the body. As Tran guided us through a variety of yoga positions and thought processes meant to help us connect with different chakras, Manek played whichever bowl resonates with it to help the connection be made easier and deeper.

Tranfocused heavily on three different chakras throughout the classthe root chakra, which represents our security and power; the sacral chakra, which represents our emotions, creativity, and intimacy; and the heart chakra, which represents giving and receiving loveto emphasize why we should be confident and grateful, and why we should strive for inner peace.

Between journeying through the chakras and focusing on deep breathing, something many of us forget to do far too often, I left the class feeling like I had just drunk the best cup of coffee without the caffeine jitters. I was both rejuvenated and ready for the deepest sleep of my life.

For a full class schedule, access deals on virtual class passes, or register for a class, check out Pralaya Yogas website.

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Pralaya Yoga's Adult Nap Time Could Be the Lullaby You're Needing in 2020 - Houstonia Magazine

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