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Quantum computers are the next generation of computers which can operate thousands of times faster than standard machines and process multiple data at once.

The lightning-fast computers allow for multiple questions to be answered at once at a rapid pace, as opposed to standard computers which work through answers sequentially.

While a standard computer uses bits to process problems and information, quantum computers use qubits which can store and process multiple bits of information at the same time.

Alexander Lvovsky, Quantum Optics group leader at the Russian Quantum Center and Professor of Physics at the University of Calgary in Canada, said warned quantum computers will wreak havoc, according to Futurism.

This is because they would be able to break modern cryptography raising fears of major security breaches.

All sensitive digital information that is sent over the internet, such as top secret military information, medical records and financial information, is encrypted to protect the data from hackers.

Some hackers are already able to break encryption, but when hackers get their hands on quantum computers, they will be able to smash any code putting all sensitive information at risk.

Wenjamin Rosenfeld, a physics professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, told Futurism: In a sense, Lvovsky's right. Taking a quantum computer as a computer, theres basically not much you can do with this at the moment.

Commercial quantum computers will be available within five years, and other experts believe that this will be enough time to add more protection to the sensitive information and keep it out of reach of hackers.

Mikhail Lukin, a co-founder of the Russian Quantum Center and head of the Lukin Group of the Quantum Optics Laboratory at Harvard University, said: Im fairly convinced that, before quantum computers start breaking encryption, we will have new classical encryption, we will have new schemes based on quantum computers, based on quantum cryptography, which will be operational.

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'Tools of DESTRUCTION' Quantum computers WILL wreak havoc ... - Express.co.uk

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