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DAOs everyone has heard of them, but what are they, and why are they poised to change how we work and create businesses? With the metaverse mixed with Web 3 allowing society to create a more immersive and interactive space, leaders cant ignore the rise of the 21st century. As it branches into arteries packed full of potential, we turned to expert Hooman Motevalli to find out why innovative creatives and thinkers should turn to the future of DAO to build business success and more.

If everyone knew all the brain mechanisms in great detail, imagine what our world would look like. We are so used to a world where we just go with the motions but never stop to think, appreciate, or recognize the power we have within us, shares business magnate Hooman Motevalli.

But if we observe, study, develop precisely and continue to be curious we can grow and become motivated to be and do greater things. Having curiosity is indeed powerful. It can help us develop and build relationships to create more innovative solutions.

To help further define this, the online creator economy is driving new ideas across industries, shifting definitions of work, and providing revolutionary and successful avenues to explode generating countless ideas to fly.

As more individuals take a stand, producing resolutions to our worlds most dire concerns, having a top-down because I said so approach to business seems to be slowly slipping away. With a background in the arts and sports world, Hooman Motevallis predictive view of the human mind witnessed first-hand how performers mindsets changed in a team or group effort.

There is a big gap between rare real top leaders and their followers, explains Motevalli. For one, confidence without clarity is a big problem, and to have clarity of perception is very important in todays ever-changing world, one renowned for a host of concerns.

Our current world is so far from the ideal, as its the product of bad decisions made by some of our worlds decision makers who should not be in those positions, he continues. Even most managers, directors, and people dont perceive they just try their best to follow the instructions.

Instead, he foresaw a surge whereby curious entrepreneurs would become more independent bosses, working together on an equal plain. Fast forward to today, the current Director at HSP Holdings, Hooman Motevalli, who has spent a near decade in the investment management industry, aims to help others unleash their full potential by giving peoples great ideas a chance to succeed.

As a successful entrepreneur, author, and trainer, his curiosity about the world has allowed him to extend his innovative insights further into the metaverse. One of its arteries stems into Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) a new iteration defined by permissionless, collective governance and decentralized finance that will allow people to be connected anytime and anywhere.

To find out more, we sat down with expert Hooman Motevalli to unearth four reasons why leaders or innovators should consider DAO an opportunity worth pursuing.

When first glancing at a DAOs infrastructure, things can look quite different compared to the traditional 9-5 office space. One of the main attractions is that its architecture forms one unified decentralized unit.

Held by participating members, with decisions being tallied upon and rules enforced through a particular type of contract, everything could be collectively owned.

There is no central authority when it comes to making decisions. The improvements on the platform are decided through a system where every individual holds equal rights to propose changes to the system. Whether critical or a regular decision, the final call could be based on every members opinion.

As decisions get made from the bottom up through voting processes on blockchain networks, all transactions, findings, and other activities on the platform are recorded. The community can easily access them.

This system allows people to put forward their innovative ideas and thinking worldwide. In other words, compared to traditional organizations, DAOs offer greater transparency.

For example, suppose it was set up as a fundraiser due to the DAOs documentation settling on a public blockchain. In that case, members can understand what happened with each transaction and ensure that the funds are used for the purpose they were raised.

DAO uses algorithms based on intelligent contracts (agreements) that initiate when certain conditions are met. These establish the rules of the organization.

Once created and set in place, the smart contract guarantees that all DAO activities abide by pre-coded rules. The smart contract can only be changed via a vote by all involved members. This eliminates human error from the equation and prevents the manipulation of funds two problems centralized organizations often face.

With a common goal to act in the entitys best interest, people within the community can operate transactions without needing any kind of third party or law practitioner.

This gives participants or stakeholders in the specific DAO a sense of ownership. As a result, they can encourage other members to be innovative and set new examples for financial rewards in return for participating in the first place.

The advantage of this, again, stems down to collaboration. Every member of a DAO can submit their proposals for improvement and changes in the set agreement.

To conclude, DAOs dont restrict decision-making privileges and instead invite all members of equal parties to join together and unite over a shared common interest, passion, or project.

Overall, the metaverses rise is becoming increasingly popular as lighthouse customers are already experiencing its real-life pros. The definition may remain easy and fluid on the tongue, but its impact is already profound as millions enter the curious Web 3 world.

Thanks to HSP Holdings, an investment company aimed at developing and launching either start-ups or innovative projects that promise to deliver positive change, their high-level blockchain and AI software, DAO platforms, and more innovators looking for a way in now have a chance to succeed.

I believe that the edge of tech and the ones with very bright futures, like Blockchain and DAO, could help to fill out this gap and help to overcome many current issues at the quickest possible time, Motevalli shares.

Our DAO was funded notably several months ago. Recently, I have been working on a DAO-based Metaverse, in which most of its lands are real, and this attribute differentiates it from most others out there. It will be a major competitor among the top three on the market.

After two decades of activity in the high-tech area, delivering tens of promising projects, his focus on Blockchain tech since 2017 has produced life-changing results. From providing and investing in high-level Metaverse platforms, NFT marketplaces, and more, the future for creatives curious potential has never looked so bright.

For more information, head to the new HSP Holdings website here. Or connect with Hooman Motevalli here.

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