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As artificial intelligence (AI) grows more pervasive in todays corporate applications and processes, the decentralized data pioneer Space and Time seeks to guarantee that AI models are educated with trustworthy information.

In fact, the decentralized data leader, which allows blockchain developers to run decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and verifiable AI models using proven computing on on-chain and off-chain data, announced the release of the beta version of their data warehouse and developer suite on April 26 as per the information shared with Finbold.

In order to support both low-latency transactional queries and scalable analytics in the same cluster, Space and Time is a distributed hybrid (HTAP) data warehouse. Proof of SQL, created by Space and Time, is an innovative zero-knowledge proof that cryptographically verifies the verifiability of the query and the data and verifies that the computation was performed appropriately.

We are thrilled to open the Space and Time data warehouse and suite of data services to developers everywhere. Space and Time is enabling a new era of data verifiability. As smart contracts and AI are increasingly integrated into business processes, Space and Time aims to ensure that theyre connected to and trained on verifiable data and computation, Nate Holiday, CEO and Co-founder of Space and Time stated.

Data from the major blockchains has been indexed, decrypted, and made available for free inside Space and Time. In addition to a Tamperproof Python service for simply extracting, processing, and loading data or conducting sophisticated calculations, the data warehouse has pre-built APIs for SQL operations, blockchain data, Kafka streaming, and security.

The Space and Time dApp offers an intuitive interface for dealing with both blockchain-based and traditional data sources. The dApp is OpenAI-enabled, so programmers may quickly and simply build various types of code based on simple, natural-language inputs, including but not limited to SQL queries, Python scripts, streams, oracle tasks, smart contracts, and dashboards.

Finally, at the Consensus conference on April 26,Space and Time will host an exclusive event called Product Day, which HashKey Capital will present. This event will showcase the most cutting-edge technologies in data warehousing and Web3, and it will be followed by an open Space and Time Ecosystem Night, which Chainlink will present.


Space and Time launches data warehouse to revolutionize ... - Finbold - Finance in Bold

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