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Home Rybka engine Installation Computer chess Links Rybka team Contact one Welcome to RybkaChess.com! deutsche Website Rybka is a UCI chess engine programmed by International Master Vasik Rajlich Noomen Testsuites 2012 Jeroen is producing new opening test suites lately, his latest "product" is focussing on the King's Indian Defence, an opening especially difficult to play for computer engines. Noomen King's Indian Testsuite 2012 Latest Reports / Tournament Participations / Man vs. Machine Matches 2012-03-13 Rybka wins the ICT 12 in Leiden, the Netherlands, with 6.5/7 ahead of Critter (5.5) and Pandix (4.5). Opening report by Jiri 2010-11-29 Rybka wins the 30th Dutch Computer Chess Championship in Leiden, the Netherlands, with 8.5/9 ahead of Spike, Deep Sjeng and Hiarcs, who all finished in a three-way tie for second. Report by Vas | Opening report by Jiri 2010-10-01 Rybka wins the 18th World Computer Chess Championship in Kanazawa, Japan, with 8/9 ahead of Rondo and Thinker (both 6.5/9). The blitz tournament was also won by Rybka with 8/9. Report by Vas | Diary by Hans (with photos) | Opening report by Jiri

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Rybka - Official Site

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