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360 Cloud Solutions, a NetSuite value added reseller, has added Adaptive Insights to its portfolio of solutions. Adaptive Insights provides financial and performance management and analytics software.

In April this year, Adaptive Insights deepened its software integration with NetSuite, offering more complex planning and reporting capabilities in conjunction with the enterprise resource planning platform.

Bringing Adaptive Insights to 360 is Mark Thurmond, who has independently been a value added reseller for Adaptive Insights for over a decade. Thurmond joined 360 Cloud Solutions this year as vice president of financial planning and analytics to build a practice around Adaptive Insights for the cloud hosting company.

Experiencing the adoption in the marketplace of this powerful tool that enables such detailed, yet flexible budgeting and modeling, has been satisfying, Thurmond said in a statement. It is a scalable tool that works for any company and can turn department leads into analysts, not just excel masters.

Monitoring key business metrics and looking at the entire operational picture is already a core practice for our clients, added 360s CEO Rufus Lohmueller in a statement. Adaptive Insights takes that information and expands the view into flexible budgeting, forecasting, modeling and projections; tasks which are crucial to running a business.

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360 Cloud Solutions now offers Adaptive Insights - Accounting Today

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