Cloud Services Provider Intermedia Launches Integrated Partner Program

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire -03/07/12)- Intermedia, a global leader in cloud services and the largest Microsoft Exchange hosting provider, today announced the unification of the company's private label program and advisor program into one combined partner program. The Intermedia Partner Program now allows members to choose either the private label or advisor model on a customer-by-customer basis. Intermedia further developed its industry leading partner portal so that partners can easily provision and manage customer accounts for both the private label and advisor models. Intermedia is the business cloud powering over 10,000 MSPs, VARs and IT consultants -- as well as select Fortune 500 companies -- to resell an entire suite of cloud services such as hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Hosted PBX, backup, security and much more.

The private label model enables VARs and MSPs to own customer billing and the overall customer relationship under their own brand. Intermedia provides dedicated sales and technical support, behind the scenes, so that private label partners remain at the front end of the solution. The advisor model is designed for partners that prefer to leverage the Intermedia brand and earn a commission on every sale. Under the advisor model, Intermedia handles customer billing and technical support. Intermedia's partner program is completely free and easy to join. Partners can choose which model to sell under on a customer-by-customer basis.

"Intermedia gives you a choice -- that's something other partner programs don't offer," says Intermedia partner, Peter Hanna, CEO, Y Fi LLC. "I'm able to make the decision between selling under the advisor or private label model based on what's best for my business and my customers. Regardless of the model I choose, I know Intermedia's expert partner sales team is always available to help me close deals. I'm able to grow my business, provide leading cloud services to my customers, and rely on Intermedia's multi-million dollar infrastructure and rock solid support."

Revenue from Intermedia Private Label Partners increased 40 percent year-over-year in 2011. Over 3,000 partners joined Intermedia's Partner Program in the last two years alone. "The receptivity of MSPs, VARs and other IT providers to Intermedia's partner programs is driven by a number of factors," says Michael Gold, president, Intermedia. "We invest heavily in the channel and give partners the tools, services and flexibility necessary to be successful cloud services resellers. This includes the ability to control billing and branding, as well as access comprehensive behind-the-scenes support from Intermedia. Partners can leverage Intermedia's Cloud Migration team to assist with end customers' migrations to the Intermedia cloud -- which is difficult to do without the well-honed tools and process that Intermedia provides."

To sign up for Intermedia's Partner Program or to learn more about the program, please call 1-800-379-7729.

ABOUT INTERMEDIAIntermedia is the premier provider of cloud services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and the world's largest provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange. Intermedia's cloud offering is business grade and built specifically for the SMB. Delivered from Intermedia's secure datacenters, the company's Office in the Cloud suite combines Microsoft tools such as Exchange 2010 email, Lync Secure Instant Messaging, and SharePoint document management with Intermedia's proprietary offerings for complete mobile freedom, backup, security, voice and more. The company's proprietary cloud infrastructure assures high reliability and a certified support team is available around the clock. All Intermedia services are managed from the company's proprietary HostPilot Control Panel, providing customers a single point of communications control. Intermedia also empowers thousands of partners -- including managed service providers and select Fortune 500 companies -- to sell cloud services under their own brand. Founded in 1995, Intermedia was the first to offer hosted Microsoft Exchange business-class cloud email and now has over 400,000 premium hosted Exchange mailboxes under management -- more than any other provider. The company is one of a select group of companies partnering with Microsoft to bring Office 365 to market. For more information, visit

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Cloud Services Provider Intermedia Launches Integrated Partner Program

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