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The facility includes more than 29,300 sqf of colocation space, and once fully built out, the facility will include more than 88,000 sqf of colocation space.

Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) has announced the opening of itsfourth IBX data centre in Melbourne, Australia valued at $77.5m.

Known as ME2, the new facility supports the growing demandfor digital transformation globally, as well as Melbournes smart citydevelopment and the interconnection needs of local customers, including TheSalvation Army, according to the company.

The Salvation Army moved its key infrastructure to Equinixin Melbourne, while shifting critical business applications across workplaceproductivity, human resources and more to Software-as-a-Service.

The Salvation Army is actively pursuing a multi-cloudstrategy to ensure we deliver better and stronger outcomes for theorganisation, said Craig Tucker, Chief Information Officer, The SalvationArmy.

As a non-profit with a mission to serve vulnerablecommunities facing hardship or injustice, its critical we efficiently usefunds to meet the needs of those we serve.

This has resulted in a standardized, national IT platform,where we have shifted critical business applications across workplaceproductivity, human resources and more to Software-as-a-Service, as well asmaintaining our key infrastructure in Equinix IBX data centres.

Equinix said that the added data centre and interconnectioncapacity in Melbourne will help with those initiatives while also advancing Melbournessmart city innovation.

The ME2 IBX is located in Melbournes Fishermans Bend region,which is forecast to be home to approximately 80,000 residents and provideemployment for up to 80,000 people by 2050, according to the company.


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The value of smart cities has become increasinglyrecognized and is now a key priority for markets across the Asia-Pacific regionas they continue to grow their digital economies, said Jeremy Deutsch,President, Equinix Asia-Pacific.

Equinix is dedicated to support this development byconnecting people, businesses and industry so they can better interconnect atthe digital edge.

Our investment in the Australian market reflects ourcommitment to our customers as they continue their digital transformationjourneys.

The facility is located adjacent to the companys ME1 IBX datacentre, which will benefit customers expanding from ME1 to ME2 with a singlesecurity ingress point, according to Equinix.

The city of Melbourne is increasingly experiencing digital transformation and is predicted to have a digital economy worth approximately $36bn in 2020.

Five years ago, we entered the Melbourne market with our ME1 facility, said Guy Danskine, Managing Director, Equinix Australia.

In that short time, we now have four sites in two distinctcampus locations across the city, containing a flourishing ecosystem thatenables secure, high-speed, low-latency connections for our customers andpartners.

This new IBX demonstrates our continued commitment to the Victorian and Australian digital economies, creating a place where our customers and partners can interconnect across our national footprint of 17 highly connected data centres.

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Alibaba to give out free cloud to help businesses affected by Coronavirus - Data Economy

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