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SAN FRANCISCO, June 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Connor (, a global leader in contract compliance and software licensing and Scalio (, a provider of best-in-class managed hosting, devops & custom software development services, today announced ConnorScalio (, a joint venture bringing together innovation, expertise and agility from Connor and Scalio to meet clients license management and GRC needs in the cloud.

ConnorScalios mission is to provide the most reliable, secure and scalable managed hosting services on dedicated cloud infrastructure so companies can dedicate more focus and resources on their core business offerings, while maximizing the ROI on IT investments.

Cloud migrations can introduce significant risk and complexity to an enterprise. The primary challenge is that most IT organizations lack the expertise and resources to effectively deliver on a cloud migration project, said Bradley Greenwood, CEO at Scalio.

Its important to partner with a solution provider that has the expertise to help navigate the nuances of a cloud migration. From selecting the right cloud provider (e.g., Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, or Microsoft Azure) that meets your business needs to migrating your servers, databases, and applications without disruption and data loss, ConnorScalio is well positioned to help enterprises take their business into the cloud and beyond.

With IT and licensing expertise combined, ConnorScalios team can help stand-up business applications with the most reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure -- supported by deep application and licensing experts, all day and every day. Areas of focus include:

Pairing Scalios best-in-class managed hosting and technology services with Connors vendor licensing and GRC experience will empower Fortune 500 enterprises to accelerate technology-driven innovation more easily, explained Viresh Chana, CEO and Founding Partner at Connor.

ConnorScalios portfolio of fully managed solutions and services include:


ConnorScalio has also partnered with Xpandion, a leader in integrated risk management and GRC solutions, to provide fully managed infrastructure and application hosting for Xpandion customers.

We are pleased to offer fully managed support for Xpandions GRC and SAP License Optimization technology, explained Greenwood. Together, we can ensure a worry-free solution for GRC as a Service and end-to-end SAP license management to Xpandions customers.

In addition to being a SAP-certified managed hosting solution for Xpandions technology, ConnorScalio will also resell Xpandion software and deliver a complete suite of services around Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and SAP License Optimization.

For more information about ConnorScalio, visit

Press Contacts:Wayne Chan(415)

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Connor and Scalio Announce Venture to Bring GRC and License Optimization to the Cloud - GlobeNewswire

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