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South Africa has many different hosting providers, and it is crucial that you pick the right hosting service for your needs.

Considerations when choosing your hosting provider and package include cost, storage space, customer service, and the manner in which your website will be hosted.

Some hosting products involve sharing resources with other customers, whereas the more expensive options provide you with your own dedicated server.

1-grid told MyBroadband that small businesses looking to start a basic website should consider a solution that includes a website builder, as trends have revealed an increase in the usage of this feature.

It said that this software is cost-effective, user-friendly, and scalable making it suitable for individuals and small businesses.

Larger businesses should take a variety of considerations on board when selecting a hosting provider and package, 1-grid said, including:

Xneelo also highlighted this last point as while you may be starting off small, you may need to upgrade your hosting package as your business grows.

It said page loading speed should be another chief consideration when purchasing hosting.

A slow web host is a common cause of slow loading times, said Xneelo, and it is therefore important that you ensure your hosting provider does not hold your website back in this regard.

Xneelo also outlined the three common types of hosting products.

The most affordable type of hosting is shared hosting, which involves sharing a single server with other customers.

Hosting providers monitor the server to ensure that individual users arent hogging resources and causing other websites to suffer.

Businesses that are looking for more storage space or expect large amounts of traffic can instead sign up for dedicated hosting, which comes in two common forms.

MyBroadband has compared the prices of hosting products from some of South Africas most popular hosting providers.

This is done across all three of the aforementioned common hosting product categories.

This pricing is detailed below.

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How much it costs to build and host a website in South Africa - MyBroadband

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