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What is Access Pay and Bill Services?

Designed specifically for high-pressure recruitment businesses, Access Pay and Bill Services is a managed service that gives you access to a team of CIPP-qualified recruitment payroll experts to deliver accurate and fast candidate pay and client billing. All delivered to agreed SLAs.

We work with recruitment agencies of all sizes. Whether youre processing 200 or 3000 timesheets a week, Access Pay and Bill Services lets you scale up or down to meet your business needs.

Our success is based on delivering a smooth and trusted payroll, billing and credit control service to our clients. Benefit from:

As soon as you decide Access Pay and Bill Services is the best fit for your business, our On-Boarding team will contact you straight away! At the start of any project we gauge how quickly you want to move, and we could potentially get things up and running in just a matter of days if you want us to.

The recruitment software is hosted by Access Cloud Hosting Services (CHS), a division of Access that hosts all our Access Applications. The security of your data is of paramount importance to Access you can find out more about thishere.

Access Pay and Bill Services can beset up in a matter of days, giving youinstant visibility of performanceand the peace of mind of knowing thatlegislation changes are handled automatically.

Read our fact sheet to learn more about our managed service offering.

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Keep the cash flowing in your recruitment business - Onrec

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