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Mission Cloud One provides continuous, proactive, and expert hands-on AWS support, optimization and management, all in one integrated service

Mission, a managed cloud provider and Premier Consulting Partner within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), has introduced Mission Cloud One it is the foremost comprehensive and cost-efficient AWS managed cloud service that encompasses everything businesses got to ensure their AWS environment is fully and continually supported, optimized, and managed.

The Mission Cloud One service is offered by Missions AWS certified, CloudOps engineers and analysts, who bring strong expertise and best practices for managing all aspects of a businesss AWS Cloud.The existing responsibilities and understanding required to properly operate and maintain AWS including optimize for cost and performance is a drain on many businesses already-limited technical resources. This puts a continuous drag on the speed of core product innovation and routinely stalls business growth initiatives at startups, SMBs, and businesses alike.

With Missions CloudOps experts managing our AWS environment, our cloud performance and costs are continually optimized, freeing our internal team to focus on other business-critical projects, said Clay Kibbons, IT Department Manager, Smittys Supply Inc., a lubricants manufacturer and distributor. Missions close working relationship and continuous engagement model continues to be second-to-none.

Besides bandwidth, many enterprises also continue struggling with knowledge gaps around how to most effectively tune and re-tune their AWS environments across critical cost and performance metrics. For those who look for help from a partner, maximum managed AWS services are delivered piecemeal; this often adds to unpredictable costs, and services prove inflexible as the cloud needs of organizations evolve.

Mission Cloud One introduces a new managed service designed to be as extensive and flexible as AWS itself and a one-stop-shop for all AWS operations. Mission Cloud One service relieves customers from everyday AWS management responsibilities, with experienced CloudOps engineers that regularly monitor and optimize AWS environments. Away from a set-it-and-forget-it service, Mission Cloud One provides proactive continuous cloud coverage, with Mission cloud experts helping as both trusted advisors and an extension of customers internal teams.

Mission Cloud One is a unique solution for businesses across industries who want to reduce their AWS spend while also freeing up their engineers and developers to focus on high-impact projects not ongoing cloud management, said Alex Beal, Director of Product, Mission. Importantly, weve also structured Mission Cloud One pricing to make it cost-efficient versus going it alone. With Mission Cloud One, you handle your business, well handle your AWS infrastructure its what we live and breathe every day at Mission.

Mission Cloud One is developed to deliver continuous peace of mind, a reduced operational burden, an optimized AWS environment and, for many other customers, access to a team of CloudOps engineers under the price of a single full-time employee. As a partner, Mission Cloud not only determines and proactively recommends opportunities for usage and cost optimization across AWS services, but also puts them into action on customers behalf. Mission Cloud One users can concentrate on accelerating their businesses with complete confidence that their AWS environment is in expert hands.

Among the features and benefits of Mission Cloud One:

Mission Cloud One is really the natural evolution of our managed cloud services mindset at Mission to provide high-touch and proactive AWS expertise and support that functions as an extension of our customers own teams and capabilities, said Evelyn Ngo, Director of Cloud Operations, Mission. With Mission Cloud One, our customers gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing our AWS-certified CloudOps Engineers are constantly monitoring all aspects of their AWS environments and continuously seeking out and acting on opportunities that will optimize their cloud infrastructure even further.

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Mission launches its most comprehensive AWS Managed Cloud Service with Mission Cloud One - Web Hosting | Cloud Computing | Datacenter | Domain News -...

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