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RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--OVHcloud, a leading global cloud provider, today announced the availability of two new ranges of powerful bare metal servers. Designed in partnership with leading hardware manufacturers, OVHcloud Scale and High-Grade servers offer a cost-effective hosting solution with the ability to quickly automate and scale resource allocation to meet the demands of complex and resource-intensive tasks such as:

These are powerful, flexible, and highly configurable servers. What differentiates them is, unlike a typical bare metal server where the configuration is locked-in at delivery, these machines will be scalable from the OVHcloud Control Panel. Customers will have the capability to add and change hard drives, add more RAM, or change the configuration without the fear of data being wiped away in the process. They can manage their investment by adding resources as their data grows or remove resources if necessary, said Jeffrey Gregor, General Manager, OVHcloud US.

More data gives businesses bigger opportunities to extract insights and create value, but this requires bigger computing power. As IT professionals grapple with the challenges of the influx of data, they want the best performance to support it. OVHcloud Bare Metal servers provide fully dedicated performance in a secure, single-tenant environment, with direct access to physical resources. Because resources are not being shared, no hypervisor layer is needed, allowing more of the server's processing power to be allocated to the application.

OVHcloud Scale and High-Grade Bare Metal servers are an excellent choice for businesses that need to accelerate their journey to the cloud without refactoring and without reengineering their entire infrastructure. These servers are accessible in as little as 120 seconds for standard configurations, and come equipped with:

Security is a top concern in big data analytics. Our Scale and High-Grade ranges of Bare Metal servers directly address this pain point for IT professionals with strong security standards and certifications. By utilizing OVHclouds private network, vRack, customers can privatize the connection of their data-heavy systems protecting them from the outside world, said Pascal Jaillon, Senior Vice President, Product and Digital Accounts, OVHcloud US.

About OVHcloud US

OVHcloud US is a subsidiary of OVHcloud, a global cloud provider that specializes in delivering industry-leading performance and cost-effective solutions to better manage, secure, and scale data. OVHcloud US delivers bare metal servers, hosted private cloud, hybrid and public cloud solutions, recognized in 2020 as a "Strong performer" in Forrester's Hosted Private Cloud Services in N.A. (2Q2020) and as "Contender" in IDC Worldwide Public Cloud as a Service Vendor Assessment (2020). OVHcloud manages 31 data centers across 12 sites on four continents, manufacturing its own servers, building its own data centers and deploying its own fiber-optic global network to achieve maximum efficiency. Through the OVHcloud spirit of challenging the status quo, the company brings freedom, security and innovation to solve data challenges today and tomorrow. With a 21-year heritage, OVHcloud is committed to developing responsible technology and strives to be the driving force behind the next cloud evolution.

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OVHcloud US Announces New Scale and High-Grade Ranges of Bare Metal Servers - Business Wire

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