Successful CEO Guru Releases New Spin on Business Leadership and Audios of His Entrepreneur How-To Guide and Savvy Disruptive Tech Prediction Books -…

DUBLIN, Ohio, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Expanding on his bestselling how-to-succeed series, noted author and CEO Dr. Srikanth Gaddam announces both the release of "The Leadership Guide: Unleashing the Power Within," and the audio version of "The Entrepreneurial Guide: The Key Principles of Building and Growing Your Business."

In "The Leadership Guide: Unleashing the Power Within,"Gaddam shares his own wisdom and leadership lessons of historical greats, from Nelson Mandela, to George Washington, Eleanor Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

"This book is a roadmap to discover your own power within, learn leadership skills, set goals and manage leadership crises," said Gaddam, CEO and co-founder of ERPA Analysts Inc., a leader in enterprise application managed services, cloud hosting, and consulting services for companies like Amazon Web Service and WorkDay.

Gaddam's books and the two new audio versions, including "The Future of Disruptive Technologies: Impacts on Business, Workforce, and Societies," are available at Gaddam is also the author of "Destination Success: Discovering the Entrepreneurial Journey," his first book published in 2017.

All Gaddam's books in print, Kindle and versions are at this direct link:

In this latest book, Gaddam explains that leaders are not born, but made.

"How to explore 'your knowing?' Let your mind connect, so you can unleash your power and ultimately, unleash it in others," he says.

Each chapter in the 132-page, easy-to-read book, guides the user from a journey of self-discovery to leadership styles. Skill set pointers include goal-setting, risk-taking, how to stay authentic and ultimately legacy building. Chapter takeaways reinforce lessons learned.

The book quotes Albert Einstein, ahead of his time on the new people-centric style of leadership. "I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbageman or the president of the university."

"That illustrates Einstein's confidence in himself and the more open society he lived in," Gaddam says.

Once the reader discovers his and her own potential for leadership, it's up to them to "clarify the kind of leader you want to be," Gaddam says.

"From vision-setting and decision-making, to creative-thinking and risk-taking, this life-changing book will help you better understand thee concept of leadership and discover the leader hidden in you."

AboutDr. Srikanth GaddamDr. Gaddam is a seasoned entrepreneur, angel investor, author/educator, and the CEO/Co-Founder ofERPA Analysts, Inc recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. 5000 for ten years and one of the "Best Places to Work" in Ohio. He graduated with a Doctor of Management (DM) from Case Western Reserve University, MBA from the Ohio State University, and the Owner President Management program (OPM 43) from Harvard Business School. Dr. Gaddam has a passion for training young generations in entrepreneurial skills, while also supporting first responders prompting him to create a college scholarship fund for the children of first responders, with daily operations run by a motivated group of high school students. Learn more about Dr. Gaddam's work

Contact:Sri Gaddam614-718-9222[emailprotected]

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Successful CEO Guru Releases New Spin on Business Leadership and Audios of His Entrepreneur How-To Guide and Savvy Disruptive Tech Prediction Books -...

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