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As cats are the unspoken mascot of the Halloween season, there is never a better time to pay homage to our feline friends. This writer loves all animals, but as a proud owner of one adorable Noodle, I have to say I have a soft spot for kitties. So I thought we could celebrate this special time of year with a handwritten cameo from Miss Noodle:

Meow, meow, meow, Kibble, meow, meow, meow, meow

My human is on deadline and pays more attention to this newsletter than me.

Rai;hi4ht;IRLHWI;LGH;ILLKglkbkg [from a sassy walk across the keyboard]

Pure poetry. Now, lets sink our claws into some tech news and jobs.

OK, I will concede dogs are pretty special, too. Murphy Cares agrees. The app, developed by a Philadelphia nurse, allows subscribers to order on-demand puppy time.

Negative is a good thing when it comes to carbon. The search engine DuckDuckGo recently achieved a significant sustainability goal of offsetting all the CO2 it had produced since its founding in 2008.

Temple University Small Business Development Centeris making an impact close to home as well. The SBDC aims to help small business owners start their own websites and expand their digital footprint.

Delawares own SBDC wants to lend a hand, too. Look out for free upcoming How to Start a Business webinars on Oct. 20, Nov. 11 and Nov. 17.

URBNs in-house software engineers say they get all the professional development right at the companys chic home in the Navy Yard. Learn more about the brands tech opportunities here.

The Remote Stuff:

Any closing words, Noodle? *stares in sassy silence*

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This Week in Jobs Philly: 'Here's Kitty!' -

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