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The NetApp Cloud Manager offers an innovative solution for hybrid cloud storage through diverse environments.

Fremont, CA: In a hybrid cloud ecosystem, the management platform must handle data irrespective of where it is stored. NetApp Cloud Manager offers a multicloud and hybrid cloud management capability that provides a single-pane view of the storage system regardless of the system is deploying in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on-premise.The two important ways for how companies can save on cost and time is data management and orchestration. Thus, NetApp Cloud Manager has capabilities that unify siloed storage systems and allows a hassle-free hybrid cloud storage management and configuration. NetApp Cloud Manager is a product with features and benefits accommodating to the modern enterprise's ever-evolving needs.

Here are some of the key benefits of NetApp Cloud Manager.

1. Avoid Cloud Lock-In- NetApp Cloud Manager integrates with AWS and Azure cloud and has visibility to data across these platforms. You can also easily migrate your applications across multiple clouds from the NetApp Cloud Manager interface, thereby avoiding cloud vendor lock-in.

2. Seamless Cloud Resource Provisioning and Management- Cloud Volumes ONTAP resources can be quickly provisioned using NetApp Cloud Manager, irrespective of the target deployment environment. NetApp Cloud Manager mediates with AWS and Azure cloud environments and seamlessly handles the VM creation and configuration process for hosting Cloud Volumes ONTAP. The entire process is transparent and happens with minimal input from the user.

3. Single-Pane-of-Glass Usability- NetApp Cloud Manager eliminates administrators' need to log in to multiple consoles/portals to manage their storage systems. NetApp Cloud Manager also makes it extremely easy to add new Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances and manage existing physical storage systems. Additionally, it abstracts the back-end operations, so the administrator only needs to focus on which volume type to provision for target applications.

4. Environment Orchestration- NetApp Cloud Manager can be integrated with existing orchestration platforms for end-to-end orchestration of tasks such as NetApp Private Storage and Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance provisioning, NFS/CIFS volume creation, and more.

5. Hybrid and MultiCloud Support- NetApp Cloud Manager supports Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems deployed in AWS and Azure. It can also be used to manage on-premises hosted NetApp Fabric-Attached Storage (FAS) and NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) devices. It is the preferred solution for hybrid environments that include a mix of different storage solutions.

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