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Web Host 1&1 Provides More Flexibility with Dynamic Cloud Server

2 March 2012, London: 1&1 Internet Ltd.,, a global leader amongst Web hosting providers, has made its Dynamic Cloud Server now even more flexible. From now on, configurations for all essential features such as CPU or RAM can be scaled hourly as needed. For small and medium businesses, the innovation of such flexibility with server resources allows them to manage their IT needs just as efficiently as major corporations who leverage such tools for long-time success. This lowers the costs of small business IT and enhances the competitive nature of the market.

1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server (DCS) offers users a virtual server environment with full root access. The innovative aspect of this model is found in the adaptability of each machines basic settings that can be changed to suit users own needs over time. It is also possible to switch between either a Linux or Windows operating system. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server can be a sophisticated alternative for companies whose resource requirements change frequently or for start-ups that cannot accurately estimate how much computing power they will need for their online project.

If a company using a traditional dedicated server requires an increase in computing power, significant time and resources is needed to change configurations over to a new machine. 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server eliminates such a time consuming process by enhancing usability and accessibility. If, for example ,a promotional campaign or one-time project attracts more website visitors than usual, this cloud server would allow the performance parameters to be increased with the help of an intuitive slider for expanding computing power up to 6 cores, 24 GB RAM and 800 GB of hard disk space. An upgrade or downgrade to a server would be complete in less than five minutes.

For users whose online projects exploit the capacity of a single cloud server completely, 1&1 offers a multi-function virtual infrastructure. That means that up to 99 virtual machines can be added to an existing contract and ordered conveniently via the users 1&1 Control Panel. After setup, users can configure each Dynamic Cloud Server as usual, with individual capabilities to start, stop, reset or delete them.

Managing and monitoring the server on-the-go is also not a problem. 1&1 provides mobile apps for the DCS that can be downloaded for free via the following links:

1&1 mobile server apps can be used with all current iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices as well as mobile phones running the Android operating system.

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Web Host 1&1 Provides More Flexibility with Dynamic Cloud Server

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AMD Acquires Cloud Server Maker SeaMicro for $334M USD

AMD's heavily threaded Bulldozer, APUs, GCN are good fits for Seamicro's compact cloud computing servers

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) has struggled mightily in the server market in recent years, seeing its market share fall from nearly 15 percent in 2007 to less than half that -- roughly 6.5 percent in 2011.

I. AMD Server Division -- In Need of a Turnaround

AMD can try to write off part of its struggles to rival Intel Corp. (INTC) usinganti-competitive techniquesto squelch its performance during its strong years in the middle of the last decade, a big part of the troubles have come due to AMD'strailing die shrink timing, which has not improved since itspun off its fabs. While AMD finallydropped a new architecture (Bulldozer) in Sept. 2011, it disappointed in clock speeds and power performance -- something that may be attributable to die shrinks. Difficulty getting to 32 nm may have left AMD with too little time to thoroughly test and refine the new cores.

Approximately 21.89 percent of AMD's market share is tied up in its server sales, so clearly this is a major issue for the company and its shareholders. AMD desperately needed a new tactic. Whileallowing competitive interplaybetween Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Comp., Ltd. (TPE:2330) and GlobalFoundries in die shrinks may be a potential long term solution, AMD needed something more immediate.

That's why the news of its acquisition of SeaMicro for $334M USD (a mix of $281M USD cash and stock) is a bit surprising, but a bit unsurprising. The small 80-person Silicon Valley server maker is known as a premium maker ofhighly dense and power-efficient servers. It sells heavily to large-scale cloud computing businesses.

The move is also a boon toSanta Clara, California manufacturer NBS. Unlike Apple, Inc. (AAPL), Hewlett-Packard Comp. (HPQ), Dell, Inc. (DELL) and others, SeaMicro doesn't have its servers assembled by Chinese laborers working under sweatshop like conditions. It's made in America, by blue collar workers earning a respectable living.

While it only spends a tenth of the research and development budget (~$50M USD per year) as Dell or HP, SeaMicro's product is viewed as very competitive from a technology basis. But SeaMicro can work intimately with its American manufacturing partner, building prototypes, trialing optimizations, and working out bugs before production hits.

SeaMicro currently exclusivelysells Intel-based servers-- a mixture of Xeon (Sandy Bridge) basedtightly-packed 10 RU designsand mixed 10 RU designsincorporating Intel Atom chips for lighter workloads. The Atom servers use the dual-core 64-bit Atom N570 chip (8.5W TDP). SeaMicro's unique 10 RU form factorsqueezes one to two tower racks into a single compact box-like form factor.

SeaMicro claims four-fold power reduction and six-fold space reduction by eliminating the typical busy server chipset to just three chips, via proprietary interconnect technology.

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AMD Acquires Cloud Server Maker SeaMicro for $334M USD

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Cloud Hosting Providers – Video

27-02-2012 04:04 Cloud Hosting Providers are a great alternative to shared, VPS or dedicated hosting. Not only are Cloud Hosts often faster, they also allow scaling to meet your needs, so your site doesn't crash every time you get a surge of traffic. Best of all, you only pay for what you need! We focus on Australian Cloud Hosting Services, reviews and info.

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Cloud Hosting Providers - Video

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Managing SAP on Power Systems with Cloud technologies delivers superior IT economics – Video

08-02-2012 14:51 An ideal and cost-effective platform for SAP solutions, IBM Power Systems combine optimizing architecture and virtualization capability to redefine SAP performance without exceeding IT budgets. Leveraging dynamic resource allocation and the ability to deploy SAP servers in a cloud, POWER7 can boost hardware utilization by more than 50% and cut energy consumption up to 75%. Read the ITG paper about running SAP on Power Systems here (

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Managing SAP on Power Systems with Cloud technologies delivers superior IT economics - Video

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ScaleXtreme Cloud-Based Patch Management Open for New Customers


ScaleXtreme, the leading provider of server automation products for the distributed data center, has opened access to its recently launched cloud-based patch management automation solution for use in public cloud machines, virtual machines and physical servers. Anyone can now signup for ScaleXtreme and begin scanning their servers for operating system vulnerabilities. Customers enjoy the ability to schedule, deploy and automate patches for multiple machines in the enterprise or hosted at a public cloud provider. Patches for Windows 2003, Windows 2008, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu are available immediately.

We worked closely with select early adopters to ensure the product works great and are now pleased to open this remarkable scanning and patching functionality to anyone with a ScaleXtreme account, said ScaleXtreme CEO and Co-Founder Nand Mulchandani. The demand for patch management from our community amazed us, dramatically exceeding our expectations.

The product enables customers to deploy patches on the fly or on a specific schedule, such as during periods of planned maintenance, making the experience easy for both systems administrators and IT managers. Patching is one of many server operations radically simplified by ScaleXtremes cloud-based automation engine, which allows customers to automate all of their routine server management tasks through a single framework.

Customers have come to expect the same security features they enjoy inside their firewall to be available in the public cloud, said Mulchandani. Effective patch management helps people safely begin to bring long-running, stateful servers into the public cloud, where they can be managed like any other server in the enterprise. No other security or systems management product that we know of can operate across physical servers, virtual machines and the public cloud in this fashion.

ScaleXtreme offers free patch scanning for all public cloud machines, virtual servers and physical servers through its free ScaleXtreme Xpress product. For more information, visit

Additional ScaleXtreme Resources:

About ScaleXtreme

ScaleXtreme provides powerful, cloud-based server automation products for the modern distributed data center. Built from the ground up to be simple, scalable and social, IT gets a single unified automation platform to build and control physical, virtual and public cloud servers. For more information, visit

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ScaleXtreme Cloud-Based Patch Management Open for New Customers

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Cloud Computing and Technology Mobility – Video

23-02-2012 14:23 With today's economy, moving away from in house hosting of services can be a life saver. Hosted or "cloud based" services can be brought up quickly with very little overhead, some are even free! Aside from Google Docs, which is becoming more and more popular there are many tools available in the "cloud" that can benefit law IT. My intention is to present and discuss hosted services for document collaboration, file storage, and distance education. Some of the hosted services that I intend to discuss specifically are Drop Box, Adobe Connect Pro, and Adobe Buzzwords. These services and others are helping to reduce our overhead and giving the people we serve a better IT experience. Also, I will be discussing how these hosted services are not only easier in the short term but how they enable us to be more agile or "mobile" with our technology for the future. Room: 206 Time Slot: 4pm - 5pm Day: 06/18/2009 Presenter(s): Wesley Christiansen, University of Utah SJ Quinney College of Law

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Cloud Computing and Technology Mobility - Video

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Dedicated & Cloud Hosting Provider Codero Names Industry Veteran Emil Sayegh, President & CEO

LENEXA, KAN., FEBRUARY 29, 2012 Codero Hosting (, a leading provider of dedicated, managed, and cloud hosting services, has named Emil Sayegh as President and CEO. He will also serve on its Board of Directors. Sayegh succeeds Jonathan Ewert, who will remain on the Board.

Codero supports business customers worldwide through a reliable IT Hosting portfolio that spans dedicated, managed, and cloud services. Sayegh will focus his efforts on expanding Coderos portfolio and growing its customer base, leveraging Coderos reliable product set and its consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

In the next six months, Codero plans to add additional staff to its current headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas and office in Phoenix, Arizona, and open a new office in Austin, Texas where the rapidly growing technology industry offers a highly skilled pool of technology workers and prospective customers.

I am honored to join Codero as the IT industry shifts away from internally run data centers and onto hosted IT infrastructure providers. Coderos reliability, stability, and customer service make it a compelling alternative to other players in the hosting space, said Sayegh. As a specialist in hosting, Codero already offers cost, flexibility, and scalability advantages to a rapidly growing base of business customers. As we further expand our portfolio and offerings in both existing and new markets, Codero is primed to become the trusted source for IT infrastructure hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Sayegh previously led and expanded successful cloud computing and hosting businesses for HP (NYSE: HPQ) and Rackspace Inc. (NYSE: RAX). At HP he was the Vice President of Cloud Services and led the companys entry into the public cloud by leveraging HP technology and OpenStack, the open source cloud computing operating system. Prior to HP, Sayegh was the Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud Computing Division at Rackspace. During his tenure there, he led Rackspaces entry into the emerging public cloud market and rapidly grew the business to more than 100,000 clients. He also spent more than 15 years in the IT industry in successful marketing, product management, and product development leadership roles at Dell Inc., RLX Technologies (acquired by HP), and Compaq (acquired by HP). Sayegh will be based in Coderos new Austin office.

Emil is a high-energy strategic thinker and a goal-focused leader from the heart of the hosting and cloud computing industry. We are very pleased to welcome him to Codero knowing that he will successfully implement strategies to accelerate customer and revenue growth, said Tyler Newton, Chairman of Coderos Board of Directors and partner with growth private equity firm Catalyst Investors, Coderos principal investor. We are also appreciative of his predecessor, Jonathan Ewert, a Catalyst Entrepreneur who came into Codero at a critical time and has positioned the company for success. Catalyst Investors looks forward to other exciting opportunities to work with Jonathan.

Since its launch in 2009, Codero has been recognized with multiple industry awards as the most reliable, trusted dedicated and managed hosting service provider. Codero has also achieved a number of business milestones, including SAS 70 Type II certification, PCI compliance, and Microsoft Gold Certification. Coderos hybrid hosting platform of dedicated, managed, and cloud services serves thousands of business customers worldwide and hundreds of thousands of both simple and complex web sites and applications, including gaming platforms and back office applications.

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Dedicated & Cloud Hosting Provider Codero Names Industry Veteran Emil Sayegh, President & CEO

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