BIM Cloud Computing

BIM Cloud Computing AEC Collaboration Hub (PEAC Design Symposium)
30 Min Recording from the PEAC 2012 Design Technology Symposium. BIM Cloud Computing AEC Collaboration Hub, Presented by Chris France As a contributing author to "Mastering Revit Architecture 2011 2013" and several AECBYTES articles, Chris France, President NC Advance2000 discusses the state-of-the-art fusion of Cloud Computing with the BIM needs of an AEC firm. In this 30 minute presentation, he covers the benefits of cloud computing as they relate to BIM: better desktop performance, multiple designers from different firms working in the model at the same time (IPD), new remote computing technology advances, as well as a highly-secure environment.From:ggd14221Views:4 0ratingsTime:28:45More inScience Technology

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BIM Cloud Computing

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