OKI and ISID to Provide Chemical Information System as Cloud Computing Services


OKI (OKI Electric Industry)(TOKYO:6703) and ISID (Information Services International-Dentsu) today announced the launch of "PLEXUS CM" which incorporates part of OKI's "COINServ-COSMOS-R/R", system for managing information on chemicals found in products, as a new choice from the menu of features provided as part of ISID's "PLEXUS" enterprise product life-cycle management (PLM) cloud computing service. The two companies reached an agreement in the area of cloud computing services for manufacturers who are aiming for global deployment in May 2011 and had been developing and examining services jointly. The new service will be offered today to the global market.

The increasingly stringent environmental laws and regulations being enacted worldwide include the RoHS Directive and REACH Regulation in the European Union (EU). These measures impose upon electric, electronics, machinery, and other manufacturing industries a growing need to manage information on chemical substances throughout the supply chain, including parts procurement and assembly. The information on chemical substances contained in products to be managed ranges from electronic components and mechanical components to coatings and adhesives. Year after year, regulations cover an expanding range of materials. The task of accurately managing such information and reporting it to customers now poses significant burdens for companies active in manufacturing industries, particularly those active globally and operating both domestic and overseas design and production facilities.

"The new "PLEXUS CM" is a service that enhances communications on chemical substances. ISID has expanded OKI's "COINServ-COSMOS-R/R" system for managing information on chemicals found in products as cloud computing services which is provided as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application," says Atsushi Yoshimoto, Managing Director at ISID. "It can be used standalone as well as be linked with other menus on "PLEXUS" such as "PLEXUS PDM" product data management service, allowing chemical substance information system along with product design information to be established in a short period of time while minimizing initial costs."

"Moving forward, ISID plans to provide "PLEXUS" to 150 companies over the next three years. The company will further enhance the service and support domestic and foreign manufacturers who seek to advance globalization," says Sei Yano, Senior Vice President, responsible for Solutions and Services at OKI. "OKI will continue to support corporate environmental activities by enhancing features on "COINServ-COSMOS-R/R" system for managing information on chemicals found in products."


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OKI and ISID to Provide Chemical Information System as Cloud Computing Services

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