Cloud computing improves nurse call system

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Bob Sodemann, co-founder of DataComm Plus, an information technology and telecommunications systems firm and data center based in Franklin, is combining existing technologies in innovative ways to help nurses reach patients requiring immediate attention quicker and more fluidly.

Sodemann developed the Ultimate Caregiver, which merges pull cord technology with the power of cloud computing and mobile devices to allow for wireless paging and generated staff response reports. The integration of these technologies is especially useful for nursing facilities and elderly care homes, where nursing staffs are constantly on the go, attending to a number of patients.

"We're applying these technologies in new and creative ways," Sodemann said.

The development behind the collaboration of these technologies has been an evolving process over the past five years with cloud computing introduced to the collaboration earlier this year.

The Ultimate Caregiver connects a pull cord system, either wired or wireless, in a nursing facility with a cloud hosted at a data center. When a patient pulls a pull cord, it triggers a light to turn on. A light sensor sees the automatic light and sends the pull cord information to the data center over the Internet. The data center then transmits the information to pagers and mobile devices to alert nursing staffs about where the pull cord call is coming from. Alerts can be sent through texts, e-mails, pages and phone calls.

The data center also tracks pull cord calls and generates reports detailing the amount of time staff takes to respond to a particular call.

According to Sodemann, the Ultimate Caregiver's most significant strengths are that all computing involved takes place in the cloud which is more reliable than other servers, and the cloud can be connected to existing nurse call systems so that facilities do not have to invest in costly new technology.

DataComm Plus has connected these capabilities using the cloud with four facilities, including two in the greater Milwaukee area, one in Nebraska and one in Iowa.

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Cloud computing improves nurse call system

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