Cloud computing: here we go again

Summary: The same pattern has emerged again and again in the history of IT. New ideas emerge. Vendors develop their own approaches. Camps form to support those approaches. Eventually standards emerge. The battle over cloud computing standards and approaches is only the latest repetition of the pattern

Here we go again. Cloud computing is the newest area for the age-old pattern we've seen throughout the history of information technology. The pattern goes like this:

This process has repeated time and again. We've seen battles over items such as:

We're seeing factions build up behind the approaches offered by Amazon, CloudStack, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, VMware and several others. Customers that select one approach are likely to find that interoperability between and among these different approaches will take careful planning and execution.

It would be wise to start out with a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished before plunging headlong into an implementation effort. This way, it would be far easier to chose the approach that best fits this set of requirements. Thoughts of interoperability should be part of this careful design.

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Daniel Kusnetzky is a distinguished analyst and the founder of the Kusnetzky Group LLC.

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Cloud computing: here we go again

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