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Difference between cloud vs. VPS, Dedicated & Shared

Shared hosting happens to be the most popular, as well as, classic hosting plan among users around the globe. This is mostly because it is the cheapest hosting option and is suitable for most websites. It is associated with pros such as it is simple, affordable and does not require complex setup process. Nonetheless, shared hosting is associated with cons such as the user has no total control over the performance or server and there are frequently about 2000 shared hosting accounts on a single dedicated server, thereby impacting negatively on other server residents performance when one website demands more power form the CPU, Ram, I/O or bandwidth prospective. On the other hand, VPS (Virtual Private Server) pros include: hard allocated CPU, RAM, bandwidth; it is more powerful as compared to shared hosting; in addition to having better performance, as well as, faster loading times. It cons include the fact that it is more costly as compared to shared hosting and its set up process may turn out to be more technical.

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