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In the Cloud, Simple is Better.

It all starts with cloud hosting. Many IT teams have received the cloud mandate from C-suite executives theyre looking for the shortest, simplest path between local servers and hosted resources.

The challenge? Expanding cloud markets means greater complexity, so how do companies find best-fit cloud hosting services that meet existing needs, scale up on-demand and make it easier for IT to deliver mission-critical software and services?

If its not broken, why fix it? Thats the belief of many IT departments around local server stacks why adopt cloud hosting services if current offerings still get the job done?

The short answer: When it comes to technology, good enough isnt enough. The not-so-short answer: Cloud hosting services offer multiple business benefits, including:

Reliable Outcomes

Simplicity drives adoption; reliability drives value. The result? You need a cloud hosting provider that offers industry-best SLAs to ensure maximum uptime and support. At Steadfast, this means a 30-minute response SLA (average time of 7.4 minutes) with no tiered calling structures or ticket tiering our experts support your business anywhere, anytime.

Steadfast Simplicity Cloud Servicesinvolve a full spectrum of cloud service environments that include private, public, and hybrid clouds, all designed around a simple set of principles:

All things being equal, the simplest solution is usually the best. At Steadfast, we offer the simplest cloud solutions available. Whether you choose to manage your infrastructure or let us manage everything, youll get a strong cloud solution at a cost-effective price, with reliability and service that exceeds industry standards.

Start Simple. Start with Steadfast.

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